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CNC processing is essential equipment in the machinery manufacturing industry because CNC processing has the characteristics of high processing efficiency and convenient operation, it can process more complex parts. Most powerful manufacturers can improve the efficiency and accuracy of CNC processing, which can promote the improvement of product quality to a certain extent. CNC processing technology to determine the parts of the processing process can provide a necessary reference for CNC machine tool processing programming and processing parameters selection, so in a sense, CNC processing technology for parts processing accuracy, and processing efficiency has a certain impact.

Parts CNC processing flow 

We are very in the process of actual operation, processing technology is to determine the need to refer to the specific processing links, and then carefully analyze the drawings and processing position, set the steps of CNC processing parts, and then determine the position of the fixture, and the selection of processing tools.

Each CNC machining process consists of product analysis → graphic design → process planning → path generation → path simulation → path output → machining → inspection. This CNC processing process of parts basically includes most parts, and each process connection and each step has different meanings.

(1) Analysis of parts:

I will analyze the requirements of customized parts, obtain certain composition information and summarize the processing requirements of parts, and develop excellent parts CNC processing plans.

(2) Parts graphic design and painting:

Through the preliminary analysis of the appearance and processing requirements of parts, according to customer requirements, in the shape, function, and texture of the subtle analysis, and through the drawing software to draw, and after the customer review. Finally, determine the parts of CNC processing graphics.

(3) Parts CNC process planning:

Through the product appearance and processing analysis, from the processing of the global reasonable establishment of each processing step, to ensure that customized processing parts meet customer needs.

(4) Simulation of CNC path of parts:

After the path is generated, we usually have no intuitive sense of its final performance on the machine tool. Here we can check the possible problems through path simulation, thus reducing the rejection rate of actual processing. The focus of the general inspection is on the effect of the workpiece's appearance, whether it is over cut or undercut, and then the process planning of the path is reasonable.

(5) Output of parts CNC path:

The necessary steps that are normally programmed on the machine tool in the software design of the path output, through which the intermediate reference can be made for the connection between the two. If you have a CNC professional background, it can also be understood as a tool path post-processing.

⑥ Determination of dimension accuracy of CNC machining of parts:

We describe the needs of customers and the function of parts, comprehensive to consider the size and precision of parts to be customized for customers;

Reasonable clamping of parts:

The workpiece will be clamped for cleaning, not stained, iron filings and dust, and use the file to remove oil stains on the workpiece, to avoid damage to parts during processing.

⑧ Safe way of trial cutting:

When we set the offset value, we can use the following simple methods. When the coordinate system is set according to the standard tool, we move the actual tool to the workpiece surface, input the actual measured value of the workpiece surface, and the system will brake to calculate the difference as the offset value of the tool.

⑨ Setting of cutting parameters for CNC machining of parts:

The technical parts will calculate the spindle rotation speed of one minute according to the workpiece's one-minute roughness depth, and further, calculate the spindle feed speed is 100mm, and then divide this number by the spindle rotation number, and get the amount of output per turn.

⑩ PARTS CNC processing quality testing:

Bergek engineers will test the wool damage next to the parts according to customer requirements, and grasp the cutter path and accuracy to ensure that the parts will not be damaged.

CNC processing parts advantages    

(1) The use of CNC processing parts, a high degree of automation, can save manpower, improve production efficiency, and effectively reduce the CNC processing process error, eliminating the marking process of multiple clamping and workpiece detection process.

② The use of CNC machining parts is more flexible, and can be replaced at will processing parts, in addition to replacing the tool and solving the blank clamping method, only reprogramming, no other complex adjustment, shortening the production preparation cycle.

③ The use of CNC processing parts of higher accuracy, our Bergek CNC machine tool processing accuracy can be controlled in ±0.01, not affected by the complexity of parts, most of the operation is completed by machine automation. And part of the machine tool is also equipped with a position detection device, which can have parts processing accuracy.

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