Laser Cutting Service


Laser cutting technology

  • 1. Ultrafine cutting
    1. Ultrafine cutting
    Ultra-fine cutting is the application of optical fiber cutting technology, aiming to optimize the cutting surface, cutting a wider range of materials, faster, with better quality, and at a lower cost.
  • 2. Light cutting
    2. Light cutting
    Bright cutting applied to cutting, laser cutting process to achieve fast, accurate, environmental protection, energy-saving, greatly reduce the difficulty of using the process. The bright cutting effect at the bottom without slag and burr, the cutting surface is delicate and bright.
  • Vaporization cutting
    Vaporization cutting
    The material is vaporized in a very short time by irradiating the material surface with light of extremely high power density, and the steam is blown away from the material surface, thus forming the incision. Heating a material to vaporization temperature requires much more energy than melting it, so vaporization cutting requires more energy than melting cutting. Vaporization cutting is mostly used for very thin metal materials and non-metal materials, such as plastics, wood, etc.
  • ​​​​​​​<p>Laser cutting material</p>

    Laser cutting material

    Carbon steel

    Stainless steel

  • <p>Laser cutting material</p>

    Laser cutting material

    Alloy steel

    Aluminum and its alloy

  • <p>Laser cutting material</p>

    Laser cutting material

    Copper and the alloy

    Titanium and alloy

    Nickel alloy

  • Bergek good at make prototypes , small-batch, or mass production customized CNC machined parts, Come to get instant quotes on metal and plastic machined parts.

  • Cnc Machining: Not Only Offers Metals And Plastics But Also Flexible Production

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Sheet Metal Fabrication: Sheet Metal Parts For Their High Precision And Durability

  • Address

    Injection Molding: Can Process Hundreds Of Materials

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