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  • <p>Reduce the number of tooling</p>

    Reduce the number of tooling

    Reduce the number of tools, machining complex shape parts do not need complex tools.

  • <p>stable processing quality</p>

    stable processing quality

    High machining accuracy, and high repetition accuracy, meet the requirements of aircraft processing.

  • <p>Many varieties. Small batch</p>

    Many varieties. Small batch

    With so many manufacturing units being set up to combat the rising demand of combat the rising products
  • <p>Processing section</p>

    Processing section

    The traditional machining method is difficult to process complex surfaces, and can even process some parts that cannot be observed.

  • <p>power density</p>

    power density

    workpiece absorption sheet metal processing temperature rises rapidly, and melting or vaporization, even if the melting point is high, hardness and brittle materials (such as ceramics, diamond, etc.) can also be sheet metal processing;

  • <p>easy to control</p>

    easy to control

    easy to be combined with precision machinery, precision measurement technology, and electronic computer, to achieve a high degree of automation and high processing accuracy;

  • <p>convenient and flexible<br></p>

    convenient and flexible

    in a bad environment or with other people difficult to access the place, can be used for sheet metal processing robots.

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