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Discharge machining is a kind of special machining technology, which is widely used in the mold manufacturing and machining industry. Discharge machining can be used to process superhard materials and complex shapes that are difficult to process by conventional cutting methods. Discharge machining is usually used to process electrically conductive materials. Complex cavities or profiles can be machined in difficult materials such as titanium alloys, tool steels, carbon steels, and cemented carbide.


A special processing method for removing conductive materials by means of electroetching produced by pulse discharge between poles immersed in working liquid. We have such life experience after electric appliance switch passes a period of time to use, often can appear the surface of contact part is the rough and uneven phenomenon by electric spark electric erosion, this is electric spark electric erosion phenomenon.


Due to the high discharge energy during discharge machining, it can process materials that cannot be processed by general cutting methods, such as hardened steel, heat-resistant alloy, hard alloy, etc. At the same time, in the processing of a variety of complex cavities, die and hole fields, has been widely used.


Because in the process of EDM, the tool electrode and the workpiece have no direct contact, the cutting force is very small, which is very effective for processing those easy to deformation of the workpiece and small and precise holes, narrow slots, and so on. At present, EDM has been widely used in various industrial sectors. It is a promising processing method.


Discharge machining can be roughly divided into "EDM forming" and "EDM wire cutting".


Electric spark forming processing:

Edm machining is to sink the parts of the machining object into the machining fluid. Make the shape of the electrode to reverse the shape of the machining, discharge electric spark (arc discharge) between the electrode and the machining object part, after melting with heat processing. The electrodes are made of conductive materials such as copper, graphite, and tungsten, and are made by machine tools such as machining centers. The heat from the arc discharge from the electrode reaches thousands of degrees, and sparks from thousands to tens of thousands of times per second fly intermittently to the processed object, forming the reversed shape of the electrode. Note: the processing object must be a conductive material, otherwise it cannot be processed.


Electric spark wire cutting processing:

Electric discharge wire cutting (EDM) is to process electric wires into electrodes instead of electrodes. The metal is cut with the heat of the discharge as in-mold engraving and discharge machining. The wire is sent at a certain speed and supported by a guide device.

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