what is CNC machining chamfered - flat polished? | Bergek CNC

what is CNC machining chamfered - flat polished? | Bergek CNC

Depending on the material used, a variety of processes are often used to create a variety of beautiful appearances on the surface of the product. The product surface treatment method, according to its surface characteristics or/and beauty and other application categories, can be divided into painting, coloring, anodic oxidation, PVD, coating, drawing, polishing, sandblasting, laser marking, CNC processing, heat treatment, and other processes.


The polishing process usually refers to the step of polishing the workpiece surface after casting the grinding agent on the surface of the workpiece. In more detail, flat (metal or non-metallic) refers to the workpiece surface and the flat mill (flat, polishing cloth, etc.) between the grinding material (diamond, silica, etc.) or after grinding fluid to do relative motion artifacts and plane mill, so because of the action of grinding material, make the workpiece surface roughness to achieve consistently, it is concluded that excellent polished surface, like a mirror This process is called flat polishing.


Due to the general plane polishing of the workpiece and the surface of the grinding plate face to face with each other to work together, so the workpiece can only be placed on the surface of the grinding plate and from the vertical direction of the vertical load for processing. However, it is generally difficult to carry out high-gloss polishing at the same time for the workpiece with a three-dimensional shape and composed of composite planes. Therefore, the plane polishing process in the existing technology is difficult to achieve multi-surface polishing effect, but also through the multifarious process of repeatedly disassembling and fixing fixtures. In addition, it is difficult to reflect the correct polishing surface through the multifarious process of repeatedly disassembling and installing fixed fixtures. It makes it difficult to display a beautiful appearance when polishing with a three-dimensional shape composite plane.


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