Precision sheet metal fabrication technology features

Precision sheet metal processing and connection technology.

In modern machine building, methods of joining two or more parts include bolting, riveting, bonding, and welding. The first two connections are mechanical and removable. Welding is achieved by combining the atoms of two objects to form a permanent combination that cannot be disassembled. The connection method selected in actual production should not only consider its reliability but also consider its economy. Familiar with the characteristics of various connection methods. Welding: there are many welding methods used in industrial production, which can be divided into three categories according to the characteristics of the welding process.

  1. Fusion welding: the local heating method is adopted to heat the joints of the weldment to the melting state, fuse with each other, and combine with each other after condensation. Common arc welding and gas welding fall into this category.

Precision sheet metal fabrication

2. Pressure welding: in the welding process, regardless of whether heating welding, will apply a certain pressure, so that the two joint surfaces close contact, promote tuberculosis between the atoms, so as to obtain a firm connection between the two welds. The resistance welding and friction welding belong to this category.

3. Brazing: similar to fusion welding, a firm connection can be obtained, but the two have essential differences. This method is to heat the brazing material with a melting point lower than that of the welding part so that the brazing material melts, and the welding part itself does not melt. The liquid brazing material is used to wet the weldment, fill the joint gap, and diffuse with the weldment to realize the combination with the solid welding metal and connect with each other after condensation. Such as in welding, brazing, etc.

Precision sheet metal fabrication

Compared with the riveting method, the welding method has the following characteristics:

(1) Material saving, the lightweight production structure, reasonable structure design;

(2) Strong structural integrity, good sealing;

What equipment is needed to process precision sheet metal?

Precision sheet metal equipment is basically CNC punch, bending machine, sheet metal cutting machine, trenching machine, laser cutting machine this equipment, if you see the name of the equipment should know to use, the price gap at home and abroad is very large, the specific price can be consulted, laser cutting machine can not be less, the equipment is also very good control of product quality.

Precision sheet metal fabrication

Where is the distribution of the precision sheet metal processing plant?

Surface treatment method for precision sheet metal parts processing: 1. 2. Chrome-plated; 3. Spray; 4. Electrostatic powder spraying.

We usually see most of the surfaces of precision sheet metal parts have texture, these textures are obtained after surface treatment, and can effectively protect sheet metal parts from external factors, corrosion, degeneration, and other effects, sheet metal surface treatment is an important process of Kunshan sheet metal processing.

Common sheet metal processing surface treatment methods are wire drawing, sandblasting, baking paint, and powder spraying. Main technical indicators: gloss, film thickness and color difference, electroplating, polishing, and oxidation.

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