What is the common material of computer case?

Metal Enclosure of the computer accessories, its main role is to place and fix the computer accessories and play a supporting and protective role. So, what is the common material of computer cases?

Galvanized steel

Chassis plates are commonly used in galvanized plate, cold-rolled plate, aluminum plate, etc., and galvanized steel plate has the characteristics of acid resistance, rust resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, light material, and other features, but are also relatively beautiful appearance, so galvanized steel plate is the most common chassis material.

The color of galvanized steel plate is usually gray, the surface is delicate after surface baking paint treatment can form a uniform granular surface, long-term use is not easy to appear friction traces and corrosion and other phenomena. There are two types of galvanized steel: hot-dip galvanized (SGCC) and galvanized (SECC). These two kinds of materials according to galvanized means, production technology, and galvanized quantity of different and distinguish named, and the characteristics of each respect are larger different.

In general, SECC with good gloss, conducive to stamping, galvanized layer thick and uniform, not easy to rust and scratch galvanized layer and SGCC has advantages, at the same time to an electromagnetic wave, especially to the low-frequency electromagnetic wave has strong adsorption, so as to electromagnetic radiation protection to get twice the result with half the effort.

Small skill: chassis material identification method

Galvanized electrolytic plate: gray color;

Hot galvanized sheet: the surface of the galvanized layer is bright, the color is white, and the surface is uniform granular;

Cold-rolled sheet and tinplate: the surface oil is more, easy to rust, oxidation, and spraying should be covered on both sides of the inside and outside.

The chassis cabinet shell is a part of the mechanical parts, its main role is to place and fix various parts and play a supporting and protective role. In addition, the chassis cabinet shell plays an important role in shielding electromagnetic radiation.

First, the product is beautiful and generous: the chassis cabinet from the application and appearance of industrial supplies to find the key concept, from the overall planning of sheet metal parts structure and the configuration of accessories application is also very effective scientific research, produced standardized overall planning of supporting facilities.

Two, easy to use: the overall planning of the side beam, pole, load-bearing beam, and cable frame inside the chassis cabinet makes the chassis cabinet equipment look effortless.

Three, durable, stability: the chassis cabinet structure is firm, a large single cabinet can carry 2000KG, not afraid of clumsy equipment;

The cabinet is separated from carbon steel and stainless steel from the material. The default thickness is 2.0Mm for the door frame, 2.5 Mm for the equipment plate, and 1.5 Mm for the cabinet body.

Five, the plain steel surface of the chassis cabinet is treated by electrostatic spraying by default. Before electrostatic spraying, phosphating is done, and the color is RAL7035. The default surface technology of stainless steel is metal wire drawing.

Application features of the chassis cabinet shell:

1, according to the requirements of the design structure.

2, the chassis cabinet structure is diversified, can be processed into waterproof, dustproof and other different structures can be processed according to the specific structure provided, can also be provided by the internal installation components and requirements of the specific structural design.

3. The internal structure of the chassis can be customized according to customer requirements.

4. The ventilation and heat dissipation of the chassis cabinet can be set according to the actual situation.

5. Main materials: Galvanized sheet, stainless steel plate, etc.

6, surface treatment: spraying, drawing, polishing, oxidation.

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