Processing method of sheet metal chassis

Sheet metal chassis 

There are a computer case cabinet, TV backplane, car shell, air conditioner shell, terminal integrated case, charging pile box, and so on.

Sheet metal chassis processing generally involves the following processes:

  1. 1. Assembly process

Sheet metal chassis processing, commonly used assembly methods are ground sample assembly method, copying assembly method, horizontal, vertical, and flip assembly method.

2. Blanking process

Sheet metal chassis processing blanking process, mainly in the wool in accordance with the completed lofting drawings for blanking, usually adopts the side: manual shear, mechanical shear, blanking processing, flame-cutting, plasma cutting, and laser cutting. Blanking can be selected according to different technical requirements, batch size and cost, and other factors. The blanking method is different, according to the pattern of blanking processing residual materials and other factors will have different choices.

3. forming process

The forming process is a very key link in sheet metal chassis processing design requirements, improving processing efficiency and product quality and reducing costs play a vital role. Its forming process includes artificial forming, mechanical forming, top pressing forming, explosion, and so on. Among them, human kinescope is the basic skill that traditional sheet metal workers must master. And mechanical forming is a very common process, it is through rolling bending equipment, bending equipment and mold, calendering equipment and mold, and bending equipment and mold to achieve sheet metal workpiece forming.

Sheet metal processing method

Sheet metal processing is not thick, the thickness of raw materials is less than 6mm, and the whole process of application is not easy to overload. In the development of sheet metal processing, in order to better ensure the quality of raw materials, cold processing technology will be used to achieve the purpose of manufacturing, capital can only be put into use after cold storage molding. In the whole process of sheet metal processing, it is necessary to go through stamping, cutting, cutting, and other operating steps, so that the processing quality of sheet metal is more in line with specifications.


The lightness of the chassis should not only ensure the lightness of the chassis but also ensure the durability of the chassis. This is a very contradictory problem. Using steel plates as raw materials can ensure the robustness and strength of the chassis, but if the steel plate density is large, the strength of the chassis can not be guaranteed sometimes if the aluminum plate density is small. At this time we can process reinforcement on the thin steel plate to plate strength or through aluminum plate bending and other forms of parts strength.


In the whole process of using sheet metal chassis processing, it is necessary to strictly follow the sheet metal processing method, so as to better ensure the quality of sheet metal processing and can standardize the thickness of parts, not easy to produce differences. Now the application scope of sheet metal processing is very common and can be produced according to the specific application requirements, so this processing technology is very convenient and fast. This process is also regarded as a critical operational stage in the manufacture of sheet metal workpieces and immediately jeopardizes the actual results of sheet metal work.


After the sheet metal chassis processing steps, the product has a stronger appearance quality and elegant practical effect. After the installation and application of sheet metal processing, considering the application requirements of the site, the appearance and functional level are not regretful, but also can reduce the processing cost, so that the actual effect of sheet metal processing in the whole application process is more prominent.


Sheet metal raw materials have the advantages of light material and high compressive strength, so sheet metal processing also has such advantages and characteristics. Sheet metal processing, which can control costs for manufacturers, to meet the requirements of field application, is worthy of great development.

sheet metal chassis
sheet metal chassis
sheet metal chassis

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