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 At present, the cabinet made of sheet metal can not only meet the requirements of various functions and appearance of the cabinet but also make the stamping die manufacturing, the cost is low, so it is favored and loved by everyone. However, in the process of sheet metal cabinet processing, the degree of damage is one aspect we must pay attention to, otherwise, the degree of damage is too high, and quite a waste of materials will bring us a lot of cost pressure. So how to reduce the damage degree in the processing process of sheet metal cabinets?


During the processing of sheet metal cabinets, the following methods are used to reduce damage:


1. The hardware models, specifications, and functions of sheet metal cabinets must comply with national standards and provisions.


2. For places prone to error, sheet metal cabinet processing should be focused on marking, such as sideline vision should be symmetrical, in the actual process may only be similar, focus on marking is to pay high attention to in the sheet metal processing process.


3. In order to make a good connection in the process of processing the sheet metal cabinet, it is necessary to weld it accordingly. And in the welding process should also take into account the material and work needs of sheet metal processing, so as to create complete sheet metal shell products.


4, for the larger size of the place, can be marked out first, and in the sheet metal cabinet processing when the drawing is enlarged, the purpose of doing so is to ensure that the processing parameters are correct. However, it should be noted that in the case of special Angle should be opened to view, and should be folded, the purpose of doing so is to ensure that there is no error reprocessing.


To sum up, this is the method to reduce the damage degree in the processing of sheet metal cabinets. In the process of sheet metal, cabinet processing for the degree of damage are relatively high, if there is a lot of damage, it is quite a waste of material, so we must reduce the degree of damage of sheet metal cabinet processing.

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