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1. Temperature:

(1) Oil temperature: for the hydraulic press is due to the continuous operation of the machine hydraulic oil friction generated by heat, it is controlled by cooling water, in the boot to confirm the oil temperature at about 45 degrees Celsius, if the oil temperature is too high or too low will affect the transfer of pressure.


Material temperature: namely barrel temperature, this temperature should be set according to the shape and function of the material and product if there is a file to set it according to the file.


(3) Mold temperature: this temperature is also an important parameter, its level has a great impact on the performance of the product, so we must consider the function and structure of the product when setting, but also take into account the material and cycle.


2. Pressure:

(1) Injection pressure: according to the size of the product, and the thickness of the wall, from low to high, consider other factors when debugging.


(2) pressure holding pressure: pressure holding pressure is mainly to ensure the shape of the product, and stable size and its setting should also be set according to the structure and shape of the product.


③ Low-pressure protection pressure: this pressure mainly protects the mold, so that the mold damage to the minimum.


(4) clamping force: refers to the force required by the high pressure of the mold, some machines can adjust the clamping force, and some can not.

3. Speed:

(1) the speed setting the opening and closing die, the setting of the opening and closing die is generally according to the slow-fast-slow principle, so the setting mainly considers the machine, the die, and the cycle to consider.


(2) Top out setting: can be set according to the structure of the product, the structure of the complex is best to use a slow top out some and then use fast demolding, to shorten the cycle.


(3) Rate of fire: according to the size of the product, the structure to set, if the structure is complex and thin wall can be fast, if the structure is simple and the wall thickness can be slow, but also according to the performance of the material, from slow to fast set.


4. Time:


(1) Glue shooting time: this time setting must be longer than the actual time, but also can play the role of glue shooting protection, in the shooting time set value is about 0.2 seconds larger than the actual value, the setting should be considered with pressure, speed, temperature.


(2) Low-voltage protection time: this time in the manual state, first set the time to 2 seconds, and then add about 0.02 seconds according to the actual time input.


③ Cooling time: this time is generally set according to the size and thickness of the product, but the glue melting time should not be greater than the cooling time so that the product can be fully shaped.


(4) Pressure holding time: this time is the cooling time of the gate in order to ensure the size of the product after injection, before letting the melt flow back under pressure holding pressure. It can be set according to the size and size of the gate.


5. Location:


(1) The position of the opening and closing die can be set according to the speed of the opening and closing die. The key is to set the starting position of low-pressure protection, that is, the starting position of low pressure should be the most likely to protect the die, and does not affect the period of the point.


(2) Top out position: this position can meet the complete demoulding of the product, first set by increasing from small to large, pay attention to the back position must be set as "0" when installing the mold, otherwise it is easy to damage the mold.


(3) Glue position: according to the size of the product and screw size

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calculate the amount of material, and then set the corresponding position.


Injection molding                

Injection molding                

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