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The emergence of CNC machine tools is great progress in the performance of the industry, it can better solve the complex, precision, small-batch, changeable parts processing problems, is a flexible, high efficiency of automatic machine tools. Programming personnel in the use of NUMERICAL control machine tool processing, the first to carry out process analysis. According to the material of the workpiece being processed, contour shape, processing accuracy, and so on, choose the appropriate machine tool, develop the processing scheme, determine the processing order of the parts, the tools used in each process, fixture, and cutting dosage. Here is how to develop processing steps for CNC machine tools:

First, the reasonable selection of machine tools

The main factors to consider when processing parts on CNC machine tools are: blank materials and categories, parts outline shape complexity, size, processing accuracy, parts number, heat treatment requirements. In the selection of machine tools to ensure the technical requirements of processing parts, while improving efficiency.

Two, numerical control machining parts process analysis

Numerical control machining process analysis involves a wide range, usually need parts drawing size data should be given in line with the principle of convenient programming. The dimension marking method on the part drawing should adapt to the characteristics of NC machining. On the part drawing of NC machining, the size should be noted with the same datum or the coordinate size should be given directly, and the condition of the geometric elements constituting the outline of the part should be sufficient, and the structure of the machining parts on the drawing should conform to the characteristics of NC machining. This method is easy to program and coordinate with each other, which improves efficiency.

Three, the choice of processing method

The selection principle of the machining method is to ensure the machining accuracy and surface roughness of the machined surface. Since there are many machining methods to obtain the same precision and surface roughness, the shape, size, and heat treatment requirements of parts should be considered comprehensively in the actual selection. In addition, the requirements of productivity and economy, as well as the actual situation of production equipment should be considered.

Four, the principle of processing scheme determination

Parts of the more precise surface processing, often through rough machining, semi-finishing, and finishing gradually achieved. For these surfaces, it is not enough to select the corresponding final processing method according to the quality requirements, but also to determine the correct processing scheme from blank to final forming. Determine the processing scheme, should first be based on the accuracy of the main surface and surface roughness requirements, preliminary determination to meet the requirements of the processing method.

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