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The gear processing method is a forming method, is to use with the shape of the tooth groove is completely consistent with the shape of the milling cutter cutting tooth shape method, such as milling teeth; The other is the development method, it is the use of the tool and passive gear mutual meshing movement and cut tooth shape processing method, such as hobbing and gear shaper. Let's understand the gear processing process in detail.

Gear processing process

1. Forging

Hot die forging is still a widely used blank forging process for automobile gear parts. In recent years, cross wedge rolling technology has been widely promoted in shaft machining. This technology is especially suitable for complex stepped shaft blanks, which not only has high precision, small post-processing allowance, but also high production efficiency.

2. Normalizing

The purpose of this process is to obtain the hardness suitable for the cutting of rear sequence gear and to prepare the structure for the final heat treatment so as to effectively reduce the deformation of heat treatment. Usually, for 20 cement gear steel materials used, the general normalized by personnel, equipment, and environmental impact is bigger, makes the workpiece cooling rate and cooling uniformity are difficult to control, cause the hardness difference big, uneven microstructure, directly affects metal cutting processing and heat treatment, make thermal deformation large, irregular, parts quality can't control. For this reason, the isothermal normalizing process is adopted. The practice proves that the use of isothermal normalizing can effectively change the malpractice of normal normalizing, and the product quality is stable and reliable.

3. Turning processing

In order to satisfy the high precision positioning requirement of gear machining, gear blank processing all adopt numerical control lathe, using mechanical clamping not a heavy grinding tool, implemented in a clamping hole diameter, end face, and outside diameter process synchronization is complete, not only ensure the inner hole and the end face of the vertical degree requirements, and ensures that the size of the discrete small gear billet production in large quantities. Thus the precision of the gear blank is improved and the machining quality of rear sequence gear is ensured. In addition, the high efficiency of CNC lathe processing also greatly reduces the number of equipment, good economy.

4. Rolling and gear shaping

Gear processing equipment is still a large number of ordinary hobbing machine and gear shaper, although the adjustment and maintenance are convenient, the production efficiency is low if the completion of a large capacity needs to produce more machines at the same time. With the development of coating technology, hob, insert blade after grinding again coating plating is very convenient, after coating the tool can obviously improve the service life, generally can increase more than 90%, effectively reduce the number of knives changing and blade grinding time, the benefit is remarkable.

5. Shaving

Radial gear shaving technology has been widely used in the production of large quantities of automobile gear for its high efficiency, ease to achieve the requirements of tooth shape design, and tooth profile modification.

6. Heat treatment

Carburizing and quenching are required for automobile gear to ensure its good mechanical properties. Stable and reliable heat treatment equipment is essential for the products that are no longer ground after heating.

7. Grinding

It is mainly used for finishing the inner hole, end face, outer diameter of the shaft, and other parts of the gear after heat treatment in order to improve the dimensional accuracy and reduce the tolerance of shape and position.

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