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sheet metal fabrication parts at Wholesale Prices | Bergek CNC

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Sheet metal bending, as a part of the sheet metal process, is actually the most important part. For the most part of the process requirements, many factories can't pick out anything wrong with the bending step, feel able to meet the bending Angle of 90 degrees on the line, a few degrees more or less can be used to make up for the subsequent welding, but I do not know because of this "meet" so that the bending process has the great potential can be tapped. Today szBERGEK producer sorted out the common problems and solutions of the sheet metal bending process for everyone to learn.

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Problem one: the bending edge is not straight and the size is unstable

The reason:

1. The design process does not arrange pressing lines or pre-bending

2. The material pressure is not enough

3. Convex and concave die fillet wear asymmetry or uneven bending force

4. The height size is too small



1. Design pressing line or pre-bending process

2. Increase the pressure

3. convex and concave die clearance uniform, rounded corner polishing

4. The height size can not be less than the small limit size

Problem two: the workpiece after bending external surface abrasion


The reason:

1. The surface of the raw material is not smooth

2. Punch bending radius is too small

3. The bending gap is too small


1. Improve the finish of the convex and concave die

2. Increase the bending radius of the punch

3. Adjust the bending clearance


Problem three: bending Angle crack

The reason:

1. Bending radius is too small

2. The material grain is parallel to the bending line

3. The burr of the blank faces outwards

4. Poor metal plasticity



1. Increase the bending radius of the punch

2. Change the blanking layout

3. Burr is rounded in the workpiece

4. Annealing or soft materials

Problem four: hole deformation caused by bending 

Finally, if there is a need to customize sheet metal businesses can consult our szBERGEK

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