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CNC machining occupies a very high position in CNC equipment. Many parts processing enterprises will use CNC machining centers. So what kinds of parts can the CNC machining process? As we all know, a CNC machining center is suitable for processing complex, many processes, high requirements, need a variety of types of ordinary machine tools and a variety of tools and fixtures, and need to be adjusted several times after clamping parts processing. Its processing objects are mainly box parts, complex surfaces, special-shaped parts, cladding parts, and special processing.


(1) Box parts.


Box parts generally refer to parts with a plurality of holes, internal cavities, length, width, and height with a certain proportion. Such parts are mostly used in machine tools, automobiles, aircraft manufacturing, and other industries. Box parts generally need a multi-station hole system and surface processing, tolerance requirements are higher, especially the shape and position tolerance requirements are more strict, usually, after milling, drilling, reaming, boring, reaming, countersinking, tapping, and other processes, need more tools. For processing box parts of the processing center, when the processing station is more, the need for the table to complete the parts, the general choice of horizontal boring and milling machining center.


(2) Complex surface.


The complex surface plays an important role in machinery manufacturing, especially in the aerospace industry. It is difficult or even impossible to complete complex surfaces using ordinary machining methods. In our country, the traditional method is to use precision casting, can imagine its low precision. Complex surface parts, such as various impellers, wind turbines, spherical surfaces, various surface-forming molds, propellers, underwater vehicle propellers, and some other free surfaces. The following are typical:


(3) special-shaped parts.


Special-shaped parts are irregular parts, and most need point, line, and surface multi-station mixed processing. The rigidity of special-shaped parts is generally poor, the clamping deformation is difficult to control, the processing accuracy is difficult to ensure, and even some parts of some parts are difficult to complete with ordinary machine tools. When processing with the machining center, reasonable technological measures should be taken, once or twice clamping, using the machining center multi-station point, line, and surface mixed processing characteristics, to complete multiple processes or all processes.


(4) disc, sleeve, and plate.


End face with keyway, radial hole, or distributed hole system, crank sleeve or shaft parts, such as flange shaft sleeve, keyway or square head shaft parts, as well as porous machining plates, such as all kinds of motor end face with distributed holes and curved disk parts, should choose vertical machining center, and horizontal machining center with radial hole should choose.


(5) Trial production parts for new products


The processing center has wide adaptability and high flexibility. Change the processing object, just compile input new program can be realized processing.

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