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CNC lathe in the process of processing the most simple problems and processing difficulties there are the following:


First, how to judge the good condition and service life of the tool?


1. In the active machining process of the machine tool, it is necessary to use the ear to hear the sound, check or touch the tooltip on time when the cutting process is stopped, and analyze and judge the surface finish, etc.


Two, how to reasonably choose the corresponding tool according to the characteristics of raw materials?


1, CNC lathe processing in the process of processing, if the tool selection is not right, it will lead to unstable processing or processing! And affect the power, but also does not make good quality. So the selection of tools is very important, when we process raw materials that are relatively hard raw materials, we should choose rigid relatively strong knife tip large tools, the machine should also choose low speed, slow feed, less back to eat, and other criteria to debug! So when processing raw materials are soft, such as aluminum alloy, nylon rod, copper, and other raw materials! Then we can improve the speed, feed, back knife, and the use of the corresponding alloy knife! In particular, the feed is slow and will form extrusion slag, around the workpiece, not broken slag. Thus, the power and quality will be greatly affected.


Three, when the process or cutting path is not well arranged to affect the power how to do it?


Try not to repeat the same knife used many times, to the end of a knife certainly doesn't have to be the second, and the row knife order program sequence under the conditions allow, must according to the dao way, as far as possible the tightening of idle time, reduce unnecessary positioning error, under the condition of the cutting tool or have no effect on the quality, once again, the optimization of the process, to reach the best processing condition. Four, in the processing of thin wall products simple deformation how do?


Such products are a little difficult, some may be divided into many processes to complete, according to the product requirements, to analyze and judge! Must use low speed, slow feed, less back to eat three processing elements! And to choose a small tip, the knife blade is sharp, clamping is also as far as possible to choose axial clamping (such as pressure screw sleeve), such as using radial home tight has been deformation state.

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