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304 precision stainless steel pipe processing technology - drilling

 There are probably a lot of people who don't know what drilling is, which is the operation of using a drill to make a hole in a solid material of stainless steel. There are many ways to drill, but they all go through the same process.


One, accurate line; Before drilling, first of all, we should be familiar with the drawing requirements, and process the benchmark of the workpiece. According to the position and size requirements of the drilling hole, use the height ruler to draw the cross-center line of the hole position, requiring clear and accurate lines; The thinner the line, the higher the precision.


Second, delimit inspection squares or inspection circles; After drawing the line and passing the inspection, the inspection square or inspection circle with the center line of the hole as the symmetric center should be drawn as the inspection line during the test drilling, so as to check and align the drilling position during the drilling. Generally, several inspection squares or inspection circles of different sizes can be marked, with small inspection squares or inspection circles slightly larger than the transverse edge of the drill bit and large inspection squares or inspection circles slightly larger than the diameter of the drill bit.


Three, proofing and punching eyes; After marking out the corresponding inspection squares or the inspectors should carefully make the samples and punch the eyes. This is an important link to improve the accuracy of precision stainless steel pipe drilling position if the wrong to correct in time to remedy after the inspection can be drilled.


Four, clamping; Wipe machine tool surface, fixture table surface, workpiece datum, the workpiece clamping, easy to observe and measure. When clamping, pay attention to the way to prevent deformation of the workpiece.


Five, test drilling; The precision stainless steel pipe should be tested before drilling. This step is to make the shallow pit coaxial with the test circle. In the process of the drilling test, if the deviation is small, you can force the workpiece phase deviation in the opposite direction; If the deviation is large, several holes can be punched in the opposite direction of the deviation. The purpose of this is to reduce the cutting resistance, cause the bit to deviate, and adjust the bit center to the hole center.


6. Drilling; After drilling to the precise position requirements, drilling can be carried out, drilling is mainly a manual operation. During drilling, the force used should not be so strong that the bit will bend and thus skew. In the deep hole, the cuttings are removed by pushing the drill. This step is to avoid cuttings blocking. It should be noted that when the drilling depth is directly 3 times the diameter, the cuttings must be removed by pushing the drill.


The above is the processing technology of 304 precision stainless steel pipe - drilling introduction, drilling not only tests the operation of drilling technicians but also pays attention to details.

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