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How to do the sheet metal bending process? Bergek is going to give you some technical information about sheet metal, which I hope will be helpful to you.


1, sheet metal plate in the bending on both sides of the extrusion due to the association of metal material bulge, resulting in the total width being larger than the original specification, the bulge size should be related to the material thickness, the thicker the bulge is larger, can be in advance in the bending line feeding, so that the bulge area of the material is larger than the original specification, the bulge size and should be related to the material thickness, the thicker the material is larger, can be solved in the same way.


2, sheet metal bending internal R Angle is better than or equal to 1/2 of the thickness of the material, if there is no R Angle, after several stamping, its bevel will gradually disappear, of course, will produce R Angle, after the R Angle of one side or two sides of the length will appear a trace of circumference.


3, sheet metal parts after bending trial easy to deform, in order to prevent deformation, can be raised on the bend at appropriate 45 degrees of strengthening help so that it does not interfere with other parts, so as to improve their compressive strength.


4. General sheet metal parts are slender, and can not maintain their straightness after the force is easy to deform, so we can fold an L shape or fold two sides, fold its compressive strength and straightness, but its verticality is difficult to maintain, after bearing the force is easier to deformation, so we can fold an L shape or fold two sides into one. At this time, appropriate convex ribs can be used to improve their compressive strength.


5, in the plan and bending surface in the middle of the turning point to have a narrow hole or open hole back bending, otherwise it will produce burrs, and the total width of the hole is better than 1.5 times the thickness of the meat, and drawing do not forget to mark R Angle, bevel and obtuse Angle of the mold and female mold is easy to crumble if the mold is easy to crumble.


6. At the outer corner of the copper sheet, if the Angle is not specified as 90 degrees, try to solve it into a moderate R Angle, because the bevel of the edge of the copper sheet is easy to produce sharp points, causing scratches to the staff. A bevel point is easy to crack due to stress so the mold is easy to crack at the vertex, prompting the mold shell must repair the mold and delay the batch production, so the mold shell repairs the mold in time to trim, resulting in the appearance of burr.


7, (1) discount side can be divided into unilateral discount and multilateral discount, if the accuracy of the provisions is a better multilateral discount, then do precision will be better, discount side height and width is better is 3 mm (t:1.0-1.2 mm), otherwise, too little clamping specifications will be unstable.


(2) When folding, the side wall part of the inner convex part should not be too close to the bottom edge, it is better to be more than 11mm, otherwise the edge under the bulge has no public die stamping, and its R Angle will be more than the upper and lower sides of the R Angle, R Angle can not exceed 11mm, otherwise it will affect our R Angle, so the folding can not exceed the public die.


(3) When folding, the hole on the inner wall of the edge should not be close to the bottom edge, and it should be kept above 3 mm, otherwise it will cause deformation because of bending. Before bending, we can punch the long strip hole, the width of 1.5 material thick strip hole on the upper side of the curve, what does this do? The shape can be detached without damaging the perforation.

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If I send drawings, can you send a quote?        


Yes, send drawings to us to get free quotation information.


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First of all, we cannot meet your target price, our service is always to provide excellent quality, every time we complete the delivery, we will ask customers whether they are not satisfied with the quality of our products if so, we will feedback to our quality inspection department to ask them to improve the quality inspection standard. Second, regarding price, our price will never be the lowest or the highest. Because of the location, we are located in Shenzhen, so we will not be compared with suppliers in North China. Our price has always been reasonable and competitive. Our advantages are equipment, product quality and transportation.


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Transparent anodic oxidation/natural anodic oxidation/colorless anodic oxidation is the same meaning.


Why is 316L stainless steel cheaper than 316 stainless steel for some products?        


The raw material of 316L is more expensive than that of 316, but its strength is lower and it is easier to process than 316. Therefore, the product will be cheaper than 316L (depending on the product structure).

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