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The sheet metal bending process is the use of pressure equipment and a special mold to process metal sheet metal into a three-dimensional process. Due to the different material, thickness, length, and width of sheet metal and forming shape and Angle of different, pressure equipment bending machine tonnage and size is different, and the upper and lower die height, shape, and V amplitude size are also different, its special mold shape is also different.


The bending process can be divided into three categories: local bending closed bending and embossed bending. Local bending: right bending and obtuse bending method are to choose 88 degrees below the upper die and V= 12T (groove width V, material thickness T) of the lower die. Closed bending: choose the right Angle and obtuse Angle 90-degree bending method. V=6~ 12T is selected for the near bending die. Bending: 90-degree upper die for right Angle bending. (standard right Angle bending). Under bending die V=5~ 6T. The gear switch can be operated in a single or continuous state in order to increase the bending speed during sheet metal processing, but for safety reasons, it is usually only used in a single action. When bending long parts, the middle Angle is usually large. We can adjust the CC axis to change the middle Angle to the same Angle as the left and right sides. In the process of bending, we should also pay attention to the principle of center bending, which is an important prerequisite to ensuring the accuracy of bending.

Sheet metal bending products


Characteristics of sheet metal bending processing technology:


1. Under the unit size, the thicker the plate, the greater the required bending force, and as the thickness of the plate increases in the selection of bending equipment bending force margin should be larger, stainless steel due to thermal conductivity than ordinary low carbon steel, low elongation, resulting in the required deformation force;


2. Under the unit size, the greater the tensile strength, the smaller the elongation, the greater the required bending force, and the greater the bending Angle should be, relative to the stainless steel with the same plate thickness of the bending Angle is larger, this should be paid special attention to otherwise there will be bending crack, affecting the strength of the workpiece;


3. In the case that the plate thickness corresponds to the bending radius in the design drawing, according to experience, the expansion size of a bending workpiece is the addition of the right Angle edge minus two plate thicknesses, which can fully meet the design accuracy requirements. The calculation of the expansion amount according to the empirical formula can simplify the calculation process and greatly improve production efficiency;

Sheet metal bending products


The stainless steel plate surface is beautiful and the possibility to use diversification, corrosion resistant performance is good, than ordinary steel long durable, good corrosion resistance high strength stainless steel plate, sheet and the possibility of using big, high-temperature oxidation resistance and high strength, thus able to fight fire room temperature processing, plastic processing, namely easy because need not surface treatment, so simple, simple maintenance, cleaning, High finish, and good welding performance.


Bergek is an enterprise specializing in the production of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, iron, and other civil furniture hardware and hotel furniture hardware, and has high-tech equipment and technical personnel for professional production. The stainless steel bending process mentioned above is the company's main technology, the selection of high-quality stainless steel, and cutting technology is mature, with a variety of creative styles.

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