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Five-axis machining technology is a key technology for the precision machining of aviation parts. It is necessary to adopt five-axis machining for complex shapes and limited relative positions between the cutting tool and the parts. Positioning five-axis machining can reduce clamping times and improve machining accuracy. Each clamping will increase a workpiece error source, thereby affecting the workpiece's final accuracy requirements.


The advantages of positioning five-axis machining include the effective use of shorter tools, reduced tool extension length, faster-cutting speed, longer tool life, improved machining accuracy, and improved surface quality simply by creating a series of directional working planes. Moreover, using five-axis machining, the workpiece only needs a few debugging and loading times, so as to save time, reduce the error caused by many debugging and loading, and greatly improve the utilization rate of the machine tool.


Programming five-axis machining is not as difficult as it sounds. It can find some simple and practical programming methods through CAM software. These software packages enable high-speed machining techniques to be well applied to achieve higher cost-effectiveness.


Experienced users are able to create templates, saving time and reducing errors for future programs, and are able to simulate the entire process on a computer to avoid errors in shop floor processing. In preparation for the application of five-axis machining, the user may need to adjust the strategy of the fixture system to get as close to a large number of parts characteristics as possible during the five-axis debugging and loading process. In general, it is obvious that multiple sides of a workpiece cannot be accessed with a standard workpiece fixture. A dedicated five-axis clamping device, chuck clamping mechanism, and magnetic chuck allow the tool to be more freely accessible to the parts to be processed.


The advantage of continuous five-axis machining is that it can eliminate the mixing line and continuously keep the appropriate tool running in the surface direction, which will be beneficial to improve the surface quality and prolong the tool's life. In short, the advantages of cutting times are reduced, the machining cycle is shortened and the one-time debugging Settings are conducive to saving time, reducing setting errors, and being better close to the bottom cutting edge.


In general, the advantages of five-axis machining also include increased efficiency of machine tools, that is, only one machine tool can be used for three-axis HSM machining, positioning five-axis machining, continuous five-axis machining and five-axis drilling machining, and many more processes. Generally speaking, the axes of these machine tools have faster stroke speed and higher spindle speed. In addition, the volume of the five-axis machining machine is smaller and the rigidity is higher, which further improves the machining effect of the machine tool.


However, with the continuous development of these factors, it is indeed found that the cost of the five-axis machining process is skyrocketing. This is usually due to a lack of understanding of the application of five-axis machining in particular markets. Once the workshop is able to understand in many ways where the benefits are to be gained, the controversy will quickly disappear. These advances in technology may be expensive in the early stages of development, but they will be offset by greater advantages in tool life, efficiency, and operating costs.


bergek is a high-tech enterprise engaged in five-axis machining and other high-precision parts machining. Especially five-axis machining is widely used in all kinds of high and new precision industries, such as robot parts, UAV parts, aviation parts, and automation equipment parts, all the workpieces can be customized according to customer needs.

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