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CNC Milling is the process of cutting out the required shape and characteristics by a CNC milling machine with a high-speed rotating milling cutter on the fixed blank. Traditional milling is more used for milling simple contour features such as contours and slots, CNC milling focuses on a more curved surface, complex shapes,s and precision requirements of the workpiece. When choosing the content of CNC milling, we should give full play to the advantages and key role of the CNC milling machine. The following bergek briefly introduced the characteristics of the CNC milling process:


One. Characteristics of the milling process


(1) CNC milling belongs to the cutting process, generally in the milling machine or boring machine with a rotating milling cutter as the cutting tool, suitable for face, groove, a variety of forming surfaces (such as splines, gears, and threads), and die surface.


(2) each cutter tooth of the CNC milling cutter participates in intermittent cutting, and the cutting thickness of each cutter tooth is changed in the cutting process.


Two, the advantages of the milling process


(1) In high-speed milling, die blanks are cut at high speed at a cutting speed several times higher than the conventional process. Because the excitation frequency of a high-speed machine tool spindle far exceeds the natural frequency, the process is stable and has no impact.


(2) with high-speed milling machine cutting parts, can be finished in the workpiece clamping surface rough, Seiko and other parts of the molding process, the use of high-speed cutting improves the speed of industrial mold.


(3) High surface quality can be obtained by high-speed milling because of the step distance and cut depth taken.


Three, the type of milling process


(1) milling is generally divided into two ways: round milling and end milling. (1) Circumferential milling is the milling of cutter teeth on the circumference of the cutter body, the peripheral edge plays a cutting role, and the milling cutter is parallel to the surface. (2) End milling is the cutter tooth milling on the end face of the cutter body, the peripheral edge, and the end face edge play a cutting role at the same time, and the milling cutter is perpendicular to the surface.


(2) Round milling and some asymmetric end milling can be divided into reverse milling and forward milling. ① In inverse milling, the cutting thickness of each tooth of the milling cutter increases gradually from zero, which has adverse effects on the life of the milling cutter and the surface quality of the milling workpiece. ② Up-milling can improve the life of the milling cutter and the quality of the milling surface, but the cutting impact force of the milling cutter is larger when it is up-milling.


Four, the key points of the milling process


(1) The milling machine with a milling cutter for the workpiece milling machine, the smoothness, and speed of the milling machine determines the process's accuracy and efficiency, so the selection of a suitable milling machine is very important to improve the process.


(2) Milling cutter is a kind of multi-tooth tool, while participating in the cutting edge of the total length is longer, and can use a higher cutting speed, but the manufacture of a milling cutter and grinding is more difficult. Therefore, the selection of tools should be based on the actual need, select low investment, and good performance of the tool.

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