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In sheet metal fabrication, processing technology is an important link to guide sheet metal processing. The sheet metal production process is the guideline, which is the specification of the parts production process. Therefore, reasonable and standard processing technology is an important guarantee to improve the quality of sheet metal processing. The processing methods of sheet metal parts have been proved to be mainly stamping, stretching, bending, and surface treatment.


Sheet metal fabrication is a common processing method in industrial production. The processing technology of sheet metal parts is to form sheet metal parts by hand or by stamping with abrasive tools to form a certain shape and size. It can form more complex parts by welding or machining.


In the production process of sheet metal parts, technology plays an important role in guiding the processing of sheet metal parts. Therefore, the standard and reasonable processing technology is the key to improving the processing quality of sheet metal parts, but also the key to ensuring the quality of products.


For a sheet metal part, the sheet metal part has a cylindrical opening with a diameter equal to the diameter of the shaft part and the cylindrical rivet part has been transformed into a rivet roll connecting the lower part of the sheet metal part. The trapezoidal hole is used in the processing of sheet metal parts. The larger aperture of the trapezoidal hole can accommodate the riveted edge. For thick plate gold parts, the use of tapered holes, through tapered rivet crimped into the tapered reamed hole, can make the plate gold parts improve.


Maybe you don't know, that there is a lot of plate processing in real life, such as car shells, computer shells, air conditioning shells, kitchenware, mobile phone plate parts, and so on. Find the common features of these products: a sheet of metal can be folded or stamped, then processed by sanding, polishing, deburring, etc., and sold to the market. In life, you may find that many things are the same.


Sheet metal fabrication method




Blanking is to cut the material into the desired shape according to the unfolding. There are many cutting methods, according to the type of machine tool and working principle can be divided into shear, punch cutting, and laser cutting.


1.1 Cutting -- cutting the desired shape with a cutting machine. The precision can reach 0.2mm. It is mainly used for cutting material or cutting material.


1.2 Blanking and shearing -- blanking with CNC or ordinary punch. The accuracy of the two feeding methods can reach 0.1mm, but the former will have a cutting mark, the efficiency is relatively low, the latter is high efficiency, but the single cost is high, suitable for mass production.


1.3 Laser cutting -- Laser cutting equipment is used to continuously cut sheets to achieve the desired shape of the material. It is characterized by high precision, very complex shape, but relatively high processing cost.

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