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Sheet metal bending


It refers to the processing of changing the Angle of a plate or plate. Such as bending the plate into V, U, etc. In general, there are two methods of sheet metal bending: one method is mold bending, used for complex structure, small volume, large volume processing sheet metal structure; The other is bending machine bending, used for processing structure size is relatively large or the output is not too large sheet metal structure. These two bending methods have their own principles, characteristics, and applicability.


sheet metal bending

1. Commonly used bending mold


Commonly used bending mold, in order to prolong the life of the mold, parts design, as far as possible to use rounded corners.


Too small bending height, even the use of bending mold is not conducive to forming, generally bending height L≥ 3T (including wall thickness).


Step processing method


Some of the low height of sheet metal z-shaped step bending, processing manufacturers often use simple mold processing on the punch or oil press, the batch is not large can also be processed on the bending machine with the segment difference, as shown in the figure below. However, its height H can not be too high, generally should be in (0 ~ 1.0) T, if the height is (1.0 ~ 4.0) T, according to the actual situation to consider the use of loading and unloading structure of the mold form.

sheet metal bending


The step height of this mold can be adjusted by adding gaskets, so the height H can be adjusted arbitrarily. However, there is also a disadvantage, that is, the size of length L is not easy to guarantee, and the verticality of the vertical edge is not easy to guarantee. If the height H size is large, consider bending on a bending machine.


The bending machine is divided into an ordinary bending machine and a CNC bending machine two. Due to high accuracy requirements, bending shape irregular, communication equipment sheet metal bending generally with CNC bending machine bending, its basic principle is the use of bending machine bending knife (upper die), V-shaped groove (lower die), bending and forming of sheet metal parts.


Advantages: convenient clamping, accurate positioning, fast processing speed;


Disadvantages: small pressure, can only process simple forming, low efficiency.


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  2. About 15~25 days (exact delivery time depends on specific project and quantity)

2.How do you guarantee quality?

We have a professional quality control department to ensure quality.

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