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First, high efficiency and quality


Earlier in the processing of complex surfaces (such as) needs a lot of manual participation, this is a double-edged sword because after artificial participation can improve the quality of the control, but the machining of many is due to human involvement influenced its quality, use five-axis machining after making the stability of the quality greatly improved, its characteristic is the continuity of processing technology, it also indirectly boost the efficiency of it.


Five-Axis Machining

Second, the processing access threshold is low


Such as the traditional processing way, the requirement of processing plane has a high machining versatility is relatively weak, but five-axis machining to the requirement of the workpiece is lower, also meet the requirements of the processing automation, the personage inside course of study says the technology proficiency also represents the automation level of the industry, its versatility, and strong compatibility let its dabble in a wider range.


Three, meet the requirements of complexity


Known the five-axis machining to meet the demand of the vast majority of the industry, but due to technical updates faster, any technology and processing equipment all need to follow trends, reliable quality of five-axis machining of composite is a kind of way, strong control for processing, from the point of view of its process and programming has the characteristics of certain points, It also lays the foundation for future technological innovation.


After analyzing the five-axis machining equipment, it is found that its position control is more accurate, and the programming and NUMERICAL control ability is improved while reducing the difficulty of operation. In the whole programming system, there are no complex operation steps, although the five-axis processing knowledge point is more the humanization is strong, the future processing in addition to improving its usability will also realize the unmanned processing. The above is the five-axis processing information, I hope to help you. If you want to customize five-axis processing products, you can consult us.

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