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Customers who have used laser cutting technology know that laser cutting processing technology is a kind of use of laser beam on the surface of the accessories continuous movement to achieve, and this kind of work in the laser beam has good directivity but also has a good correlation, its cutting ability density is good, is also very large.


First, laser cutting characteristics:


1, in the cutting quality, is high quality, fine.


This kind of laser equipment used to cut the laser beam can be focused on a small spot of light so that the laser cutting machine to achieve a high use of power, thus cutting speed is fast, with very high precision, but also to ensure that the workpiece will not appear deformation.


2, strong adaptability, high sensitivity.


This cutting method adopts the hot cutting technology, when cutting the affected area is small, will not have a large impact. Another advantage is that it can process some non-metal, of course, this is also what other laser-cutting equipment can not do.


3, large energy, can control the change of its density, and can also be a local operation.


This kind of laser has good control performance, can freely control the laser cutting machine running track, and any hard material can be made corresponding cutting. With these gadgets, we can also cut locally.


Two, the laser cutting process has the following kinds:


1. The fusion cutting method is to irradiate the laser incident speed of light into the plate. When the laser power reaches a certain critical value, the local area will be melted, so as to achieve the cutting effect.


2, vaporization cutting with high power density laser to heat processing materials, avoid the melting caused by heat conduction and the formation of hanging slag burr, part of the material evaporates after evaporation, the edge is beautiful.


3. Oxidation cutting refers to the hot processing caused by the oxygen blowing and the laser lighting in the nozzle, and the intense chemical reaction of oxygen occurs; For brittle materials vulnerable to heat damage, high-speed controlled cutting can be achieved by heating laser beam, which leads to the large thermal gradient in the area, serious mechanical deformation, and material cracking, also known as controlled fracture cutting.

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