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All the plate sheet metal welding parts processing technology is based on the operation, and the need for sheet metal engineers to carefully design product drawings and specifications. Technical terms mainly include blanking, pressing riveting, bending, cutting, blanking, punching, expanding riveting, pulling, pulling riveting, riveting, riveting, riveting, Angle cutting, forming, punching convex hull, punching tear, punching, reaming, punching, chamfering, back teeth, drawing, etc. Tapping, leveling, drilling, reaming, clapping, welding, painting, assembling, and so on.


The common specific processing technology is as follows:


1. Cutting material. There are many ways of cutting, the main process refers to the plate welding parts through laser cutting or CNC punch punching, or cutting machine. CNC blanking and laser cutting blanking can be used as the workpiece's thick and complex sheet. The cutting machine can cut the workpiece with large parts, long shapes,s, and wide sizes. The shape of the workpiece and the hole can be processed by punching in batches.


2. Suction hole. A pumping hole is flanging, which refers to the common punch or other stamping equipment with dying on the workpiece to form a round hole flanging process. According to the specified size of the hole, so that the strength of the workpiece tapping teeth is greater, generally used for the thickness of 1.5mm less plate workpiece.


3, pressure riveting. Generally refers to the use of traditional punch or hydraulic riveting machine will riveting stud, riveting nuts, riveting screws, etc., firmly riveting compression in a workpiece on the process design process.


4. Bend. Bending is the process of forming a workpiece from a bending machine using a folding bed and related bending die, which can enhance the strength of the workpiece.


5. Welding. The common types of sheet metal welding parts processes are protective welding, argon arc welding, electric welding, robot welding, and torch welding. The main process is welding two or more parts together. In order to achieve the purpose of the finished product or assembly parts processing, the edge seam of a single part needs to be welded so that the bending accuracy improves the strength of the hem.


6, surface treatment. Surface treatment has phosphating coating powder, galvanized, chromate, paint, and oxidation. The workpiece can be sprayed with electrostatic powder after phosphating, suitable for cold rolled sheet and galvanized sheet chromate, oxidation treatment is generally used for the surface treatment of aluminum profiles and aluminum profiles, surface treatment is to make the plate parts overall beautiful, protect themselves, the specific surface treatment can be carried out according to customer material requirements.


7. Assembly. A number of parts or components can be in accordance with the requirements of the design drawings, assembled together to become a more complete plate welding product. The assembled parts may be finished or semi-finished.


Company Advantages

Sheet Metal Fabrication: Sheet Metal Parts For Their High Precision And Durability
Injection Molding: Can Process Hundreds Of Materials
CNC Machining: Not Only Offers Metals And Plastics But Also Flexible Production

Frequently Asked Questions about CNC machining parts factory


Why is your price higher than others?        


First of all, we cannot meet your target price, our service is always to provide excellent quality, every time we complete the delivery, we will ask customers whether they are not satisfied with the quality of our products if so, we will feedback to our quality inspection department to ask them to improve the quality inspection standard. Second, regarding price, our price will never be the lowest or the highest. Because of the location, we are located in Shenzhen, so we will not be compared with suppliers in North China. Our price has always been reasonable and competitive. Our advantages are equipment, product quality, and transportation.


How do you guarantee the quality?        


We have a professional quality control department to ensure quality.


Why is aluminum cheaper than stainless steel for some products?        


For products that require CNC machining, aluminum may be cheaper than steel because it is easier to process than steel.


What is cold heading?        


Cold heading is the operation of forming solid, semi-hollow, and hollow products by cold plastic deformation of metal wire. In simple terms, the metal is shaped like silly putty to form a shape of the desired size. Cold heading is used to produce bolts, screws, rivets, nuts, and non-standard fasteners from round wire.


What type of work does your company specialize in?        


We are manufacturer of sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, who good at providing Custom machining service.

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