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Which parts are suitable for CNC milling

Compared with conventional machining, CNC milling has the characteristics of high machining accuracy, machining of complex shape parts, and a wide machining range. According to the characteristics of CNC milling, we can roughly understand that suitable CNC milling parts mainly include the following types.

1, curve contour or surface of complex structure parts: parts of the plane curve contour, that is, parts with internal and external contour for complex curve, processing surface parallel or perpendicular to the horizontal plane. In three-dimensional coordinates, the surface of a part is usually a variation of points on the surface. It is usually designed by mathematical models. In the process of machining, the cutter and the machined surface always maintain point contact. 3 - axis CNC milling is usually used for machining surfaces of parts because it is necessary to program machining with the help of a CNC system.

2, ordinary milling difficult to process parts structure: for the size, marking, detection, and other difficult to observe and control parts, because the ordinary milling machine without CNC system auxiliary processing. So for these parts choosing CNC milling machine processing is very suitable.

3, an ordinary milling machine can not achieve precision and accuracy: due to ordinary milling will exist human factors caused by the error, it is difficult to ensure the size accuracy, shape accuracy, and surface roughness of parts. Therefore, for parts with higher precision requirements, need to use CNC milling machine processing.

CNC Machining or Not:CNC MachiningType:Broaching, DRILLING, Etching / Chemical Machining, Laser Machining, Milling, Other Machining Services, Rapid Prototyping, Turning, Wire EDM
Material Capabilities:Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Hardened Metals, Precious Metals, Stainless Steel, Steel AlloysMicro Machining or Not:Micro Machining
Place of Origin:Guangdong, ChinaModel Number:CNC machining service
Brand Name:CNC machining / CNC partsMaterial:stainless steel , Aluminum, Brass , POM
Process:Milling, turning CNC machining serviceProduct name:CNC machining part
Application:Industrial EquipmentService:CNC machining service
Keyword:CNC Machined PartsProcess kind:CNC turning parts
Surface treatment:AnodizedName:Customized Machined CNC Machining CNC parts
Item:CNC Precision Machined Parts

Titanium cnc machining:

CNC titanium parts is a popular choice for many industries due to its strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. However, it's also a challenging material to machine due to its toughness and tendency to generate heat during the machining process. 

CNC milling is a common method used to machine titanium parts. This process involves removing material from a titanium workpiece using a rotating cutting tool. The cutting tool is guided by a computer-controlled program that specifies the dimensions and shape of the final part.

Applications Of Titanium Machined Parts

1. Naval Industry

Compared to most naturally occurring metals, titanium has a higher corrosion resistance. This resistance makes CNC titanium parts ideal for producing propeller shafts, ball valves, marine heat exchangers, exhaust stack liners, and onboarding cooling systems.

2. Aerospace

Due to its numerous desirable qualities, titanium is a sought-after material in the aerospace industry. These qualities include its high strength-to-weight ratio, outstanding resistance to corrosion, and capability in extremely hot environments. Titanium machined parts in the aerospace industry include seat components, turbine components, shaft, valve, housing, and filter parts, as well as parts for oxygen generation systems.

3. Automotive Industry

In the automotive sector titanium vs aluminum is an ever-raging argument, with aluminum having the upper hand due to its availability and cost effectiveness. Nonetheless, titanium is still found in the production of automotive parts. The main automotive uses for titanium  machined parts are production in the valves, valve springs, car stop brackets, suspension springs of engines with internal combustion.

cnc titanium parts

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