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In recent years, laser cutting services have become increasingly prominent in the development of the sheet metal industry. In the cutting process, there are six practical functions, with these practical functions, can greatly improve the laser cutting processing efficiency and cutting performance.


The traditional hardware processing equipment is the use of punch, and then with polishing, shearing bending, and other processes and the final molding, this processing efficiency is relatively low, do mold time is long, the cost is large, coupled with the two years of national energy conservation and environmental protection attaches great importance to the metal processing industry to form a certain impact.


Laser cutting is produced under the premise of the urgent demand of this manufacturer, is modern processing equipment with good economic benefits, not only reduces the processing time of hardware products, but also has a very big progress in quality, and has a long-term significance for the hardware processing industry.


Advantages of laser cutting services


The following is a simple introduction to the advantages of laser cutting parts:


1, cutting quality is good, reduce labor costs


Laser cutting using the characteristics of laser non-contact processing, no damage to the workpiece, cutting products without extrusion deformation, processed products of good quality, no rough edge, no need for manual grinding, eliminating unnecessary processing procedures, optimizing the labor intensity of workers.


2, save mold investment, reduce production costs


Laser cutting can directly on all kinds of hardware workpieces without mold production, no mold consumption, no need to repair and replace the mold, can eliminate the use of a large number of molds, save processing costs, reduce production costs, especially suitable for the processing of large products.


3, high precision, effectively improve productivity


Laser cutting process as "shearing -" alternative process appears, has the characteristics of precise and flexible, efficient, and effective processing of complex parts, only need to be cutting graphics, imported into the control system, can set size cutting, help to shorten the product processing and manufacturing cycle, directly effective increase in labor productivity.


4, fast cutting speed, optimize the working environment


Laser cutting cut quickly, works when the equipment is stable, low noise, no dust, does not produce harmful to the human body and the environment of chemicals, for the protection of the operator is a kind of sweet, to ensure the production site clean and tidy, later reduced investment, reduce the pollution, help hardware enterprises promote the optimization of the work environment, comply with the tide of environmental protection.


5. Low maintenance cost and high-cost performance


The maintenance of mechanical products is very costly, and laser cutting machine performance is stable, durable, and continuous work, not easy to damage, in the late maintenance cost has a great advantage.




For hardware processing enterprises, the choice of laser cutting manufacturers is a very important link, good manufacturers of equipment can not only help enterprises to produce better products but also help enterprises to control production costs, and improve profits.


Bergek laser equipment has stable performance, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, and good beam quality, which can meet the demand of the hardware processing market, help the enterprises in need of processing to reduce the process and construction period, reduce mold investment, improve work efficiency, and promote the optimization of the working environment, effectively reduce costs.


A high-power laser cutting machine with advanced technology and powerful function is a complex system integrating light, machine, and electricity. Subtleties often hide secrets. Let's take a look at the mystery.

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