What is the CNC aluminum processing sequence?

CNC machining center first main after the second, the base surface first, first coarse after the fine principle, do you understand? Aluminum processing center processing stage in addition to rough processing, semi-finishing, and finishing, and we often ignore the finishing processing stage. The rough machining stage is very good to understand, is to remove most of the excess metal on the workpiece, so that the workpiece in size, and shape above close to the finished product, the processing requirements of this stage are to improve production efficiency; Semi-finish is between rough machining and finishing, in order to make the workpiece surface to achieve a certain accuracy, there is a certain amount of finishing allowance; Finishing stage, is to ensure that the workpiece surface to meet the requirements of surface roughness, dimensional accuracy, the main task of this stage is to comprehensively ensure the quality of processing.


Aluminum plus center processing process sequence


The arrangement of the machining process of aluminum adding center should be reasonable to ensure machining efficiency. CNC machining center first main after the second, the base surface first, first coarse after the fine principle, do you understand?


1, the first principle: first processing workpiece surface, assembly base surface, at this time can be found in time workpiece surface defects; Then secondary surface processing.


2, the first principle of the base surface: first processing fine reference surface, this is due to the positioning of the reference surface being more accurate, the clamping error being smaller.


3, the first surface after the hole principle: applicable to bracket parts, boxes, and other parts, it is recommended to first process the plane, and then process the hole. Because the workpiece plane is large and smooth, stable and reliable as the benchmark, so as to ensure the position accuracy of the hole and plane.


4, the first coarse after finishing principle: for the workpiece surface in accordance with rough machining, semi-finish machining, finishing, and finishing processing order, this way can gradually improve the workpiece processing accuracy, and reduce surface roughness.


5, the first internal cavity after the shaping principle: the first processing of the internal cavity, to shape clamping; Then the workpiece shape is processed and the hole in the inner cavity is clamped.


6, the principle of process concentration: that is, the workpiece processing is concentrated in a few processes to complete. This can ensure production efficiency, reduce the number of clamping workpieces, ensure the accuracy of the position between the surface, reduce the number of tool changes, shorten the processing auxiliary time, and reduce the number of operations of aluminum processing centers.


7. Finally, in the same installation of multiple processes, priority should be given to the process with less damage to the rigidity of the workpiece.


CNC machining center roughing, semi-finishing, finishing order is what?


Of course, follow the principle of first coarse after fine, first rough processing, then semi-finish processing, and then finish, and finally finish processing.

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