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In our parts processing industry, the general processing that is widely used in the high precision spare parts is turning and milling, which is simply common milling or turning parts of precision parts, which can be called cutting, cutting in the process can be divided into rough cutting "and" cutting ", so what is the difference between the two, to introduce below:

General workpiece after rough cutting, the entire workpiece has been close to the workpiece itself requirements of appearance and size, but the surface of the workpiece still has some processing allowance, need to be fine cutting, after fine cutting processing of the workpiece, the surface will be the more smooth, more accurate size.

In general, the workpiece after one roughing and one finishing cut can reach the required size and appearance of the workpiece, but does not represent all artifacts only need a cutting, due to some parts of a piece may require multiple cutting, may also have some artifacts themselves are not too high accuracy requirement or cutting volume is small, It is also possible to achieve the requirements of the workpiece after only one fine cutting.

Coarse cutting because the workpiece needs cutting allowance, so there is a greater cutting force than fine cutting, which requires a machine, tool-workpiece to be able to meet, and coarse cutting is fast to remove the allowance, after processing the surface effect is not too rough. Fine cutting is the surface and size of the workpiece's accuracy to meet the requirements of the workpiece, so fine cutting needs to use the tool is also need to be very sharp, because the cutting amount is small, so the precision of measurement requirements is very high.

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