Sheet metal fabrication in bending should pay attention to what matters?

Bending is very important in the process of sheet metal fabrication technology of a link, it by borrowing the workpiece bending equipment under a certain external force, will shape of the workpiece is placed on the plate bending machine, use lifting lever lift brake shoe, workpiece slide into place, and then cut brake shoe to forming the workpieces by applying pressure on the plate bending machine bending lever, Thus can make the sheet metal fabrication workpiece forming. So sheet metal processing in bending should pay attention to what matters?


Sheet metal fabrication in bending should pay attention to the following matters:


One, the rebound of the bending workpiece


There are many factors affecting the spring back of bending parts, including mechanical properties, wall thickness, bending radius, and positive pressure during bending. In addition, the greater the ratio between bending sheet metal and plate thickness, the greater its rebound. The rebound of bending parts, as long as it is by the manufacturer in mold design, take certain measures to avoid. At the same time, some structural improvements were made in the design to improve the spring back Angle, such as pressing the stiffener in the bending area, which not only improves the stiffness of the sheet metal workpiece but also helps to suppress the spring back.


Two, the selection of curved knife


Mainly according to the sheet metal workpiece in the bending process of the shape of the sheet metal workpiece selection, general processing factory bending tool shape more shape, especially with a highly specialized degree of manufacturers, to process a variety of complex bending. There are many factors affecting the accuracy of the bending knife, including the radius of the arc of the upper die, the material, the thickness of the material, the strength of the lower die, the size of the die, and other factors. In order to meet the needs of the product, in the case of ensuring the safety of the bending machine, the manufacturer has serialized the bending knife.


Three, the bending processing sequence principle


Bending processing sequence principle should be from small to large bending; Inside to outside machine bending; First, bend the special shape, then bend the general shape; After the formation of the previous process, there is no influence or interference on the subsequent process.


To sum up, sheet metal processing is bending to pay attention to some matters. Sheet metal fabrication bending is commonly used in a process, its use is very wide, from the bending machine to a plate processing into a variety of angles, plus CNC function, sheet metal bending can effectively improve the processing accuracy and production efficiency. However, in the sheet metal bending process there are some precautions and points, as long as we master these precautions, to avoid accidents.

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