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CNC lathes can be complex turning body shape processing, milling is the blank fixed, with high-speed rotation of the milling cutter in the blank, cutting out the required shape and characteristics. Traditional milling is more used for milling contour and groove and other simple shape features, CNC milling machines can be the complex shape and feature processing. Milling and boring machining center can be three-axis or multi-axis milling and boring processing, used for machining molds, gauges, birthyear, thin-wall complex surface, artificial prosthesis, blade, etc. The selection of CNC milling processing content should give full play to the advantages and key role of the CNC milling machines. The following SZbergek briefly introduced the characteristics of the CNC milling process:

The characteristics of milling workpiece

Advantages: simple processing structure has advantages. 5 axis high-speed milling function, can process all kinds of complex shape workpieces.

Deficiency: processing more complex workpieces, processing cost will greatly increase, a lot of complex workpieces, thin-wall workpiece, deep narrow groove processing, micro processing, and other processing difficulty is larger, or even unable to process.

Two, milling processing accuracy

Advantages: high processing accuracy, for some workpieces to avoid polishing secondary processing. Especially for some non-metallic materials with relatively large brittleness, the processing accuracy is better. Such as graphite electrode, due to the high cutting speed of high-speed milling, low cutting quantity, electrode edge Angle can ensure a good sharp Angle, and will not cause the phenomenon of edge collapse.

Insufficient: the need for expensive high precision, high rigidity of the machine tool, for the inner corner processing can not be realized, there is tool interference, no suitable tool, and other reasons, but also need to use locksmith secondary processing.

Three, milling processing materials

Advantages: it can process various metal materials and non-metal materials under hardness. For the material with low hardness, there is less tool wear, so the processing advantage is obvious.

Disadvantages: machining hardened workpiece, high cost of cutting tools, and tool life are very low.

Four, milling processing speed

Advantages: because of high-speed milling high processing efficiency, shorten the delivery period of the workpiece, greatly improve the production efficiency.

Disadvantages: the control system of machine tools is very demanding. High requirements for programming and technical quality of operators, strong dependence on personnel, unreasonable programming or improper operation, serious accidents will occur knife collision, light workpiece scraps heavy machine tool precision loss spindle damage. Because of these problems, it is difficult to popularize high-speed milling.

The above are the characteristics of the CNC milling process, with the continuous improvement of CNC technology, for equipment, cutting tools, cutting oil performance also put forward higher requirements.

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