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Sheet metal process ---- bending. Stamping. Benchwork technology


The rapid development of the machinery manufacturing industry also puts forward higher and higher requirements for the technical level of the first-line employees. Engaged in the present technician, not only the actual operation needs to be skilled, but also to master the basic theory and relevant knowledge, with the ability to analyze and solve problems and good at innovation, in order to meet the needs of customers, in folding bed, stamping, lockwork constantly changing to improve its processing methods and process system principle and application, Inefficient processing method and equipment to expand the use of such knowledge as a whole, with modern equipment with practice, the content of the pursuit of further improve the level of operation and the production efficiency, and strive to original design considering the primary producers of requirements with respect to the practical difficulties and solve problems, especially put forward the solution to the problem, and work out appropriate product requirements, item by item list for discussion, And can be in line with practical and effective, have the corresponding help.


Bending forming - bending forming of the working principle is the upper and lower die are fixed on the upper and lower table of the folding bed, the use of servo motor transmission hydraulic drive table relative movement, combined with the shape of the upper and lower die, so as to achieve the bending of the plate. The bending forming accuracy of each fold can reach 0.1mm.


Common bending forming: usually we can complete with folding bed forming 90 degrees bending, non 90 degrees bending, pressing edge (including less than the thickness of the gap), section difference.


When bending two adjacent edges, if there is a wrapping relationship between each other, the process hole should be considered in the bending edge corner (the diameter of the process hole is not less than the thickness of the plate), and a reasonable gap should be set aside according to the thickness of the plate (0.15 times the thickness of the plate).


The minimum distance between the hole and the edge of the bending parts, usually, we take down the mold slot width of 1/2+0.5, in the design of sheet metal parts, as far as possible to avoid the occurrence of a hem or hole distance from the edge of the distance is less than the size requirements

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