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1, substrate wide because the printing plate is made of silk screen, soft and elastic, so whether substrate is flat or curved, hard or soft, large or small can be printed. In addition, screen printing is suitable for printing fragile, easy deformation substrate due to low pressure.

2, thick ink layer and strong covering power silk screen printing ink layer thickness, other printing methods. If the common printing method is used to cover the background color with white, it is necessary to print 3~4 times on the same part, and screen printing can be completed as long as once. Silk screen printing ink layer thickness is generally 20 microns, special thick film printing up to 1000 microns, the thinnest 6 microns. Visible screen printing ink layer is not only thick and adjustable range.

3, strong sense of stereo imitation prints and copy optimization effect is very realistic, the color effect has also been checked offset printing. However, the reproduction effect of fine graphics is limited to some extent.

4, good light resistance ink into light pigments and fluorescent pigments, printed text can permanently maintain luster and not affected by gas and sunlight, and even luminous at night. Therefore, screen printing products are suitable for outdoor advertising, signs and so on.

5, large size in terms of printing area, the general offset printing, letterpress and other methods are far less than screen printing due to the limitation of mechanical equipment. Screen printing maximum format up to 3Mx4M or larger.

6, applicable ink types water based, oil based, solvent based and so on are suitable. Screen printing ink has been widely beyond the scope of the definition of the usual ink, some of the slurry, paste, powder, screen printing ink collectively printing material.

7, printing plate scalability the characteristics of the screen material determines the printing plate will have a large scalability. Therefore, when printing in large quantities, the plate is easy to stretch and thus affect the reproduction effect.


1. Books and periodicals printing covers, inserts, calendars, trademarks, braille books, etc.

2, ceramics plane, surface direct printing and transfer

3, printing and dyeing printing large-format cloth, such as curtain, flag, towel, bag, vest, etc. 

4, art printing all kinds of decorations and advertising materials, such as glass, plastic, wallpaper, decorative board, metal containers, etc

5, electronics printed resistance, capacitor, circuit board, thick film integrated circuit

Also can print electronic components, thermal components, light frequency reaction parts, functional drawings, etc. 

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