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1. Drawing design: Generally, customers provide drawings or samples, which are designed and developed by engineers to form processing decomposition drawings and assembly drawings, and then submit them to the production department for processing.

2. Laser cutting: It can cut steel, aluminum, copper and other materials. After laser processing, the section is neat, smooth and beautiful, and the size is accurate. It has more advantages for workpieces with arcs and is an irreplaceable processing method for general stamping.

3. Bending: The bending process of sheet metal processing is the process of using pressure equipment and special molds to process sheet metal into shapes. Due to the difference in the material, thickness, length and width of the sheet and the different shapes and angles of the forming, the tonnage and size of the pressure equipment bending machine are also different, and the height, shape, and V amplitude of the upper and lower molds are also different. Its special mold The shape is also different, so the shape of the folded product will also be different. Our factory has multiple bending machines, which are not only fast, but also more precise in product processing.

4. Powder coating: There are two kinds of liquid paint and powder coating on the surface of sheet metal. We usually use powder coating. Before the surface treatment of the sheet metal, remove the oil, rust, welding slag, etc. on the surface of the sheet metal. After that, the powder coating is sprayed on the surface of the product with spraying equipment. Under the action of static electricity, the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the product to form a powder coating of various colors.

The powder coating undergoes high-temperature baking, leveling and solidification to form coatings with various effects.

Powder coating enhances the corrosion resistance of the material while beautifying the appearance. It is a common surface treatment method.


5. Packaging and shipment: Carry out sampling quality inspection before packaging and provide quality inspection report. Arrange packaging and shipment after the customer confirms."

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