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(1) rotary parts with high precision requirements


Because of the good rigidity of CNC lathes, high precision of manufacturing and tool, as well as convenient and accurate manual compensation and automatic compensation, it can process parts with higher dimensional accuracy requirements. In some cases, the mill can be replaced by a car. In addition, CNC turning tool movement is realized by high-precision interpolation and servo drive, coupled with the rigidity of the machine tool and high manufacturing precision, so it can process the bus straightness, roundness, cylindricity, and other shape precision requirements of the parts. For arcs and other curving profiles, the resulting shape is much closer to the geometry required on the drawing than with a copying lathe. CNC turning is especially effective for improving position accuracy, and the machining quality is stable.


(2) rotary parts with high surface roughness requirements

CNC lathe has the function of constant speed cutting, which can process the parts with small but uniform surface roughness. The surface roughness depends on the feed and cutting speed when the material, finish allowance and tool are determined. When turning the cone and end face on the ordinary lathe, the surface roughness after turning is not consistent because of the constant speed, and only the roughness value of a certain diameter is the smallest. By using the constant speed-cutting function of the CNC lathe, the optimal speed can be selected to cut the cone and end face, so that the surface roughness is small and consistent after turning. Nc turning is also suitable for turning parts with different surface roughness requirements. The roughness value requires the large part to choose the large feed, and the small part to choose the small feed.


(3) rotary parts with complex surface shapes


Because the CNC lathe has the function of straight line and arc interpolation, it can turn the complex shape of the rotary parts composed of any straight line and curve. The curve that makes up the contour of a part can be a curve described by a mathematical equation or a list curve. For the contour formed by a straight line or arc, the linear or arc interpolation function of the machine tool should be directly used. For the contour formed by a non-circular curve, the linear or arc interpolation function should be used to approximate the contour first, and then the interpolation cutting should be carried out by the linear or arc interpolation function.


(4) rotary parts with special threads


The thread that an ordinary lathe can turn is quite limited. It can only turn straight, conical and inch threads of the same lead, and a lathe can only limit the processing of a number of leads. CNC lathe can not only turn any straight, cone, and end screw threads with equal lead, but also can increase the lead, reduce lead, and require smooth transition between equal lead and variable lead threads. When the CNC lathe turns thread, the spindle steering does not have to be changed alternately like an ordinary lathe. It can cycle without stopping one cut after another until it is finished, so it has high efficiency in turning thread. CNC lathes can be equipped with a precision thread cutting function, coupled with the general use of a carbide molding blade, and can use higher speed, so the turning out of the thread precision is high, and the surface roughness is small.

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