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CNC lathe is a kind of high precision, high efficiency of active machine tool, the use of numerical control lathe can improve the processing efficiency, and create more value, the presentation of a numerical control lathe makes enterprises get rid of backward processing skills.


CNC lathe processing mainly includes:


1. Shaped parts; Such as brackets, forks, and other irregular shape parts, most of which need to be mixed processing of multiple stations. Due to the irregular shape of the parts, ordinary machine tools can only carry out the process of dispersed processing, which needs to use more tooling, and the production cycle will be longer. For CNC machine tools, processing these kinds of special-shaped parts is easy to do.


2, curved parts; CNC machine tools can complete complex curves or curved surfaces composed of parts surface. In processing, a number of coordinate axis linkage is needed to carry out the process that is difficult to complete with ordinary machine tools. The process of these parts needs to be highly concentrated, the cumulative error of the size of the parts should be small, and the assembly accuracy should be high. Numerical control machine tools can meet the needs of these curved parts.


3, planar and perforated parts; Machining surface parallel and processing surface horizontal Angle consistent parts are known as plane parts. Each processing surface of this kind of part is a plane or can be expanded into a plane, basically selecting a special Angle forming milling cutter to process. CNC machine tools can be processed according to different spindle movements to have distributed hole systems such as keyways or end faces. Can also process the surface of the plate sleeve and more porous processing plate parts.


4, variable bevel parts; The parts where the Angle between the machining surface and the horizontal plane is continuously changing are called variable bevel parts. Most of these parts are aircraft parts, and inspection fixtures and assembly frames also belong to variable bevel parts.


CNC lathe processing characteristics


1, strong adaptability, used for all kinds of small batch parts processing


2, high processing accuracy, good interchangeability of parts


3. It has high production efficiency and low processing cost

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