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Aluminum alloy is the material in one of the very common parts processing industry, mainly because of the physical properties of the material's excellent chemical stability, but the precision machining of this kind of material has always been a difficult point in the process of CNC machining because affected by the factors such as cutting stress and residual heat it is hard to guarantee the quality of parts processing, And the traditional three-axis processing equipment can not ensure the surface quality of the workpiece, today Xiaobian to recommend aluminum alloy parts five-axis processing ‍, let's look at the main application of this process.


First, the mold industry


Most aluminum alloy mold three-axis machines can do but the complex curved surface with inverted mold can not be used by three-axis machines. There are also high-grade product design requirements for high curve must be a knife die three-axis machine also have to give way to four axis five-axis. When expanding to the mold industry, the movement of the workpiece is like a three-axis machine, only moving on the horizontal plane is not affected by gravity, so the five-axis machine model has only two choices of double swing milling head type and a swing transformation.


Two, complex curved parts


This type of turntable can be used to make a large weight-bearing die because the workpiece only moves in a straight line in the XY plane and rotation is not affected by gravity. However, the linkage of rotary table C and B swing milling head plus XYZ a true five-axis machine can process any complex surface. In addition, the rotating table has only one C-axis. The manufacturing cost is greatly reduced compared with the cradle, whether from the functional mechanical structure or from the accuracy of the manufacturing difficulty, this five-axis machine should be the perfect model for machining the mold.


Three. Application in the field of daily necessities and industrial tools


The standard of living is improved with the improvement of production technology. More and more people in society are willing to pay for high quality and now there is a trend to raise the technical threshold to prevent counterfeiting more and more kitchen products high-end bathroom toys and decorations are using complex surface designs, this four axis can not be processed only using five-axis process.


From the present application situation, the five-axis processing of aluminum alloy parts ‍ technology has rapid popularization and development. But compared with the popularization process of the three-axis machine, the popularization of the five-axis machine also needs to expand the scope of application to make a breakthrough. Not only do most of the other materials of aluminum alloy use a five-axis processing effect is much better than other processes, only to achieve the comprehensive popularization of this advanced processing technology in the parts processing industry can get more long-term development.

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