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CNC turning refers to the method of turning the workpiece on the lathe relative to the tool. Turning is mainly provided by the workpiece rather than the tool. Turning is a basic and commonly used cutting method, which plays an important role in production.


CNC turning workpiece is suitable for processing the rotating surface, most of the workpieces with the rotating surface can be processed by cutting methods, such as internal and external cylindrical surfaces, internal and external conical surfaces, end face, groove, screw and rotary molding surface, etc. In metal cutting machine tools, lathe application is very wide, accounting for about 50% of the total number of machine tools, turning workpiece with the tool, With the drill, hinge, tap, knurl drill, hinge, tap, knurl, according to the technological characteristics of the lathe, layout, and structural characteristics, lathes can be divided into horizontal lathes, landing lathes, vertical lathes, rotary lathes, and analog lathes, of which the horizontal lathes are mostly.


1. Different characteristics


Turning refers to lathe processing as a part of mechanical processing, the lathe mainly uses the turning tool to process the rotating workpiece, the lathe is mainly used for processing shafts, plates, jackets, and other rotating surfaces, is machinery manufacturing and repairing factory machine tool processing.

2. Different functions


Turning is a method of turning the workpiece through the tool rotation on the lathe, turning is mainly provided by the workpiece rather than the tool, milling center can be three-axis or multi-axis milling, used for processing mold, check, fetal, thin-wall complex surface, prosthesis, blade, etc., in the selection of CNC milling content, to give full play to the advantages of CNC milling and the key role.


The technology and application of CNC turning workpiece


Turning is a form of mechanical processing, is a material removal process, by removing unnecessary materials to process parts, turning needs a lathe, workpiece, fixture, and tool, the workpiece is fixed on the fixture's prefabricated material, and the fixture itself is fixed on the lathe, can rotate at high speed, turning tool is usually fixed on the machine tool, turning inside and outside cylindrical surface, The turning tool moves in the direction parallel to the rotation axis of the workpiece. When turning the end face or cutting the workpiece, the turning tool moves horizontally in the direction perpendicular to the rotation axis of the workpiece.


Turning is generally divided into rough turning and finish turning (including semi-finish turning), rough turning as far as possible to use large cutting depth and feed, without reducing the cutting speed to improve the efficiency of turning, semi-finish turning and finish turning as far as possible to use high-speed small feed and cutting depth, turning can provide higher tolerance and surface finish, This makes it ideal for adding precise rotation features to parts that already have a basic shape.


It is used for turning parts with various characteristics (usually axially symmetric parts), such as inner and outer cylinders, holes, slots, threads, taper, and steps of various diameters, etc. Parts manufactured entirely by turning usually include a limited number of parts, such as parts for product prototypes, custom shafts, fasteners, etc. Turning is also usually used as auxiliary processing. To add or improve the features of parts manufactured by different processes. For example, turning can be used for deep processing of aluminum tube products, such as turning threads on the inside or outside of aluminum tubes for assembly, or deep processing of aluminum profiles, such as chamfering or notching.


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