What should the surface treatment of sheet metal chassis meet?

In our daily life, the application of sheet metal cases is very wide, such as computer main case, video case, electronic control case, machine room switch case, instrument equipment case, various industrial computer cases, and so on. These sheet metal case processing products for the surface requirements are very high, which requires the surface processing in the sheet metal case to meet the relevant specification requirements, and deal with the details, so as to produce sheet metal case products in line with people's aesthetic. So what specifications should the surface treatment of sheet metal case processing meet?


The surface treatment of the sheet metal chassis must meet the following requirements:

1. horizontal and vertical:

It is reflected in the quality of material selection and the processing level of the sheet metal case after processing.


2. Even clearance:


It embodies the control ability of linear dimensional tolerance, tolerance dispersion, and reasonable tolerance distribution.


3. uniform color:


It is reflected in the materials, equipment, environment, and operation skills used in sheet metal chassis surface treatment.


4. Smooth lines and clear silhouettes:


Reflected in the sheet metal case processing bending, welding, grinding, batch ash processing ability level.


To sum up, it is the surface treatment of sheet metal chassis processing that should meet some specifications, which are the requirements of color, uniformity, and texture. As long as the horizontal and vertical, uniform gap, smooth lines, clear contours, and uniform color is the top quality of sheet metal case processing products, therefore, we intuitively understand the level and ability of sheet metal processing production from the appearance of sheet metal products.

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