Precision CNC machining process flow

Stamping precision CNC machining is exponential control processing. First, the drawings to be processed are written into the program, and then the computer is connected to the CNC machining machine. CNC machine tools are operated by programming instructions to complete the processing of precision parts. Precision CNC machining is mainly suitable for batch processing of various parts.


CNC machining precision is very high, so it can serve different industries of precision parts processing. The following is a brief introduction to the process flow of precision CNC machining.


First of all, before machining CNC parts, we must clearly see the content of the technological process, clearly know the parts to be processed, the shape and size of the workpiece, and know the processing content of the next process.


Before clamping the raw material, the blank size should be measured to meet the requirements of the drawing, and carefully check whether its placement is consistent with the programming instructions.


After the roughing process is completed, a self-check should be carried out in time to adjust the error data time. The content of the self-test mainly includes the position and size of the processing part:


1. Whether the mechanical parts are loose during processing;


2. Whether the machining process of parts is correct and the starting point is touched;


3. Whether the size of CNC parts from the processing part to the reference edge (reference point) meets the requirements of the drawing;


4. Position and size of CNC machining parts. After checking the position and size, the roughed shape ruler should be measured (except arc).


Parts shall be finished finishing after rough machining confirmation. Self-check the shape and size of the drawing part before finishing: check the length and width of the vertical plane machining part; Measure the dimension of the base point marked on the drawing of the inclined plane machining site.


After completing the self-check of the parts and confirming the conformity with the drawing and process requirements, the workpiece can be taken out and sent to the inspector for special inspection. Precision CNC parts small batch processing should be confirmed after the first qualified batch processing.


The above content is the introduction of precision CNC machining process flow. CNC machining center machine tool itself high precision, in the processing of high precision, complex, small batch parts has a unique advantage; Precision grinding machine is one of precision machining equipment, mainly used for finishing, mainly used for quenched parts processing;


CNC lathes are also automatic processing equipment. Usually, they make shafts, rods, and round parts. They have advantages in dealing with special precision requirements or small batches of parts.

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