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Helical gear machining

Helical gears are the more common type of gear and can be used in many applications. The teeth of a helical gear are cut at an angle to the surface of the gear so that the engagement of the teeth begins at one end and is gradually transferred to the remaining teeth as the gear rotates.

The processing technology

Helical gears can be machined with a variety of materials and a variety of precision gear processing methods. The methods used include shaping, milling, hobbing, and casting. Materials used range from steel, cast iron to aluminum bronze. The materials used in gear design also play an important role in its performance and should be evaluated against the practical application.


In addition to gear hobbing technology, CNC machining is also suitable for helical gear processing, and it has high precision and accuracy. Next, understand the steps of the CNC milling machine on the helical gear milling:


1. Rotate the given CI library to the desired diameter in the central lathe.


2. Drill a hole in the blank with a diameter equal to the size of the mandrel.


3. Use a spindle to fix the blank between the two centers of the separating head.


4, put the milling cutter on the spindle of the machine tool, and then select the appropriate speed.


5. Lift the worktable vertically until the blank meets the cutter.


6, according to the module and the number of teeth calculation of cutting depth and degree calculation.


7. Raise the milling cutter to reach the cutting depth.


8, according to the index calculation set indexing head.


9. Connect the spindle and push the blank to the rotating cutter by making the workbench reciprocate


10. Move the dividing arm on the dividing board according to the calculated number of holes.


11. Place the blank against the rotating cutter to cut the next groove.


12. Repeat the same procedure for the remaining roots.


The purpose of helical gear machining, helical gears can be described as parallel shaft gears, and their meshing is rolling contact in almost all cases. Results in higher efficiency range from 900% to 995%. These efficient helical gears help reduce energy because they require less maintenance. And they last longer than spur and worm gears.

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    We are manufacturer of sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, who good at providing Custom machining service.

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