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When it comes to spiral bevel gears, we may be unfamiliar. In fact, it is widely used in real life, such as all kinds of reducers, machine tools, all kinds of mechanical processing equipment, engineering machinery, metallurgical equipment, textile machinery, Marine machinery, and so on.


Previous processing, generally to choose the material, and then the selected material cut off, with die forging, normalizing and a series of steps, and then with the help of the lathe blank drilling, and then the car burr, and then on the CNC lathe, through two processes to complete the rough processing of fur.


After completing the above steps, the next step is to use an arc bevel gear milling machine, gear shaper, milling machine, planing, shaping, broaching machine to pull the keyway, machining center drilling tapping process. Through carburizing and quenching, tempering, shot peening, grinding, honing, grinding, quality inspection, oil bleaching, packaging, and other links, spiral bevel gear processing is completed. The next step is to put the finished product into storage and then ship it according to the customer's order. That's how it used to be, and it could be said that it was quite complicated, but because of that complexity, it was able to produce good quality products.


And now the five-axis processing without the complex process can be completed, with computer control, high-performance servo drive, and precision machining technology in one applied to the complex surface of efficient, precision, automatic processing.

What are the main advantages of five-axis machining?

First, complex shape processing advantages

Mainland area at present mainstream biaxial CNC machine tool equipment, shape rules for some low processing difficulty of components with high machining precision and machining efficiency, but for some special in aviation and military industry in areas such as complex shape machining parts and components, it is difficult common numerical control machine tool products usually do not have the capacity to precision machining. The five-axis machining equipment can easily deal with various complex shape parts and has great advantages in processing irregular shape parts.

Two, higher processing accuracy advantage

Power powerful five-axis processing equipment relative to ordinary CNC processing equipment, its processing tool can be processed from five different directions, so this five-axis processing in the processing of small and micro parts can produce higher processing accuracy, to ensure that parts can play a more stable role in the equipment.

Three, the faster processing efficiency advantage

In fact, due to the price being reasonable, five-axis machining equipment is usually relatively ordinary two-axis, three-axisCNC machine tool equipment more precision structure is more complex, at the same time can also carry on the processing of direction at the same time more variety is rich, so on some prismatic parts processing efficiency, with ordinary numerical control machine tool products do not have high machining efficiency can effectively improve the factory parts and components production speed.

The emergence of five-axis processing equipment has brought better conditions for the production of equipment in some advanced and sophisticated fields, which can help manufacturers produce better quality and higher quality products. Generally speaking, five-axis processing equipment not only has natural advantages for the processing of parts with complex shapes but also has the characteristics of higher processing accuracy and faster processing efficiency. These are the main advantages of five-axis processing equipment.

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