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Hot and cold rolled steel sheet is a kind of metal material widely used in the manufacture of electronic equipment, machine parts, automobiles, and building materials.

Cold-rolled steel is recommended for general-purpose casings. It provides a good combination of cost and structural integrity (stiffness).

If corrosion resistance is required, consider galvanizing, stainless steel, or aluminum. Also, consider considering the minimum weight and/or corrosion resistance of aluminum.

Cold-rolled steel plates are made by pressing billets to the desired thickness and shape at room temperature. It has better surface quality and dimensional accuracy than hot-rolled steel. Cold-rolled steel plates are commonly used to manufacture products requiring high precision and smooth surfaces.

Stocked Gauges for Cold Rolled Steel

GaugeThicknessThickness Tolerance
11 gauge0.120" | 3.05 mm± 0.006
12 gauge0.105" | 2.67 mm± 0.006
13 gauge0.090" | 2.29 mm± 0.005
14 gauge0.075" | 1.91 mm± 0.005
16 gauge0.060" | 1.52 mm± 0.005
18 gauge0.048" | 1.22 mm± 0.004
20 gauge0.036" | 0.91 mm± 0.003
22 gauge0.036" | 0.91 mm± 0.003

Hot-rolled steel plates are made by rolling billets at high temperatures. It is generally cheaper than cold-rolled steel and can be used to make some products that do not require high precision and surface quality. However, there may be oxide skin on the surface of the hot rolled steel plate, which needs surface treatment.

In addition, the thickness of the steel plate is also a factor to consider. Thick steel plates are usually used to make durable structural parts, while thin steel plates are suitable for lightweight products.

Cold and hot rolled steel sheets can be surface treated by different processing methods, including spraying, electroplating, and anodizing. These finishes can improve corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and the aesthetics of the steel plate.

Stocked Gauges for Hot Rolled Steel

GaugeThicknessThickness Tolerance
11 gauge0.250" | 6.35mm± 0.014" | 0.356mm

In conclusion, it is very important to know the basics of hot and cold rolled steel sheets, because they are the basic materials necessary to manufacture many important products.

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