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Top custom metal fabrication manufacturer | Bergek CNC

The production of Bergek CNC custom metal fabrication is completed by international advanced technology, ensuring smooth, efficient, and precise product.

Our professional and skilled quality controllers carefully inspect the product at every step of the production process to ensure that its quality remains excellent without any defects.

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With strong R&D strength and production capabilities, Bergek CNC now has become a professional manufacturer and reliable supplier in the industry. All our products including custom metal fabrication are manufactured based on the strict quality management system and international standards. custom metal fabrication If you are interested in our new product custom metal fabrication and others, welcome you to contact us.Bergek CNC is made from high grade material and is endowed with the latest features.

Now in aviation, aerospace vehicles and aviation, spacecraft engines, mechanical equipment in the use of sheet metal products more, some of the products are special-shaped sheet metal parts.

In the bending process of upper and lower die extrusion parts at the same time, due to the bending modulus under 4 uneven stress can lead to plate rotation occurring to the right, therefore, the conventional way of directly bending is no guarantee that size, can't meet the requirements of the quality of the product, usually adopts fill after bending processing method, need to use the auxiliary fixture, complicated operation, And the skill requirement of the staff of bending processing is higher.

In order to realize the above purpose is to provide a kind of sheet metal bending structure, used to tilt of sheet metal parts along with its horizontal bending in vertical bending, sheet metal parts forming for irregular stripe structure, sheet metal bending structure including the metal plate and metal plate used to supplement a horizontal rectangular bending place for craft materials, craft materials setting on the metal plate bending, And the material parts used in the process are connected and fixed with the metal plate parts by connecting bars.

Optional, horizontal bending close to the first end of the metal plate, process materials and metal plate side spacing a plurality of gap holes, process materials and metal plate at the first end of the side spacing a plurality of partition holes, the whole area of the partition hole is greater than the whole area of the gaping hole.

Optionally, the second end of the metal plate is provided with a positioning piece, which includes an L-shaped plate for positioning with the bending processing equipment. The L-shaped plate, which is turned up 180°, is fixed with the second end connected by a connecting shaft.

Optionally, the upper part of the process parts extends upward to the same height as the positioning parts.

A sheet metal bending method is also provided, including the following contents:

The sheet metal bending structure is obtained by cutting and cutting the complete rectangular metal plate;

The positioning parts of the sheet metal bending structure and the upper part of the material parts for the process and the bending processing equipment for positioning, and then start the sheet metal bending processing equipment for vertical bending operation;

Cut the connecting bar and the connecting root of the metal plate to separate the material and the metal plate.

Cut the connecting shaft and the connecting root of the metal plate, so that the positioning part and the metal plate are separated, and the sheet metal parts after bending are obtained.

The beneficial effects are:

Structure of sheet metal bending and bending method, solve the abnormal occurs when sheet metal bending problems lead to inaccurate spatial location size, the invention of the setup process materials for the metal plate, add the craft materials in the process of bending force point bending upper and lower die uniform and symmetrical distribution, no displacement occurs, to improve the production efficiency, ensure the quality of products, In practical application, it can reduce the skill level of operators.

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