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New sheet metal components manufacturers manufacturer | Bergek CNC

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sheet metal bending metal processing is often used in a process, its use is very wide, is through the bending machine to a plate processing into a variety of angles, plus CNC function, sheet metal bending effectively improve the processing accuracy and production efficiency. However, in the sheet metal bending process there are some precautions and points, master these to avoid accidents.

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Sheet metal bending processing matters need attention

1. Before starting the machine, check the bending equipment to confirm that there is no problem before starting the machine, so as to avoid danger;

2. When the equipment is open, do not reach into the cutting edge of the bending machine to adjust the rear gear, but go directly to the back of the equipment to adjust it;

3, when processing parts, the human body should be outside the scope of activities of parts, to avoid parts scraping the human body;

4, processing large parts, the human body had better stand on the side of the workpiece, in order to operate, at the same time to help the workpiece, to avoid falling or smashing;

5. In the process of machine tool processing, if there is an emergency, it is necessary to stop the operation immediately and turn off the equipment switch;

6. When operating close to the cutting edge, both hands must be placed against the appropriate position of the lower mold to avoid accidentally extending fingers into the cutting edge;

7, in sheet metal bending processing, to put the sheet metal workpiece, keep the balance of the hand of the machine tool;

8. The removed bending tool can not be placed on the bending machine, nor can it be relied on the bending machine to avoid falling and injuring the human body;

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