Custom sheet metal fabrication factory factory Manufacturer | Bergek CNC

Custom sheet metal fabrication factory factory Manufacturer | Bergek CNC

All sheet metal fabrication factory products have achieved national certification of the safety standard certificate.

The keyboard is the most commonly used is the main input device, through the keyboard can be English letters, numbers, punctuation marks, such as the input to the computer, to send commands to the computer, input data, etc., and some with a variety of keyboard shortcuts, but this kind of keyboard for name-brand computer what at first, and used to be considered a name-brand computer features, with the passage of time, Gradually, the market also appeared independent products with all kinds of quick functions sold separately, and with special drive and setting software, in the compatible machine can also achieve personalized operation.

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Set up years ago, Bergek CNC is a professional manufacturer and also a supplier with strong capabilities in production, design, and R&D. sheet metal fabrication factory We have professional employees who have years of experience in the industry. It is them that provides high-quality services for customers all over the world. If you have any questions about our new product sheet metal fabrication factory or want to know more about our company, feel free to contact us. Our professionals would love to help you at any time.sheet metal fabrication factory made by Bergek CNC is the crystallization of excellent and hard working staff.

The keyboard keycap also has a variety of styles, metal keycap in the process of reproduction will need to be polished, because the top of the metal keycap generally has radian, and the overall trapezoid, so that it's in the process of grinding cumbersome.


What are the methods of metal polishing?


In current industrial production, the most common process is electrolytic polishing, magnetic polishing, chemical polishing.


Electrolytic polishing process, the anode is polished workpiece, inactive metal as the cathode, the poles are placed in the electrolytic cell, direct current, the anode is polished workpiece dissolved, so as to remove the workpiece surface roughness, so as to achieve better brightness.


Magnetic polishing process, the use of magnetic force drag stainless steel needle abrasive, rapid rotation, thus, to remove burrs, to achieve the role of brightness.


Chemical polishing process, chemical polishing agent is commonly used to selectively dissolve the concave and convex area of the metal surface, kill scratches, erosion leveling, and achieve the effect of surface brightness.

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