Custom cnc machining plastic parts supply Manufacturer | Bergek CNC

Custom cnc machining plastic parts supply Manufacturer | Bergek CNC

This product is available in various dimensions and patterns as per the varied requirements of clients.

The working principle of gear is power transmission between gear and gear meshing, with different tooth width, tooth surface width, diameter, and pitch. Because they can provide higher performance, gear is gradually replacing the old belt and pulley, gear is widely used in aviation, mining, automotive, pharmaceutical, textile industry.

Products Details

Over the years, Bergek CNC has been offering customers high-quality products and efficient after-sales services with the aim of bringing unlimited benefits for them. cnc machining plastic parts If you are interested in our new product cnc machining plastic parts and others, welcome you to contact us.Bergek CNC is manufactured by our experts utilizing optimum quality raw materials with the help of advanced technology.

Product Introduction


Gear classification and main parameters

Gear transmission features:

1. High transmission efficiency, and in mechanical transmission, the highest efficiency.

2. The transmission structure is compact and the space required is generally small.

3. Compared with other transmission devices, the stable service life is long; the Transmission ratio is more stable.

4. Compared with belt drive and chain drive, the manufacturing and installation accuracy is higher, and the cost is increased.

Tooth shape: straight cylindrical gears, helical cylindrical gears, internal gears, bevel gears, miter gears, sector gears.

peek sector gear

Product Descriptions:

Item:    peek plastic molding injection gears    

Color:    Nature, black.    

Material:    PEEK, PEEK CA30, PEEK CF30    

Size:    OEM is welcome.     

Weight:    0.5~500g    

Process:    CNC machining or molding injection    

PEEK gear advantages

1, reduce noise, low density, lightweight;

2. Inertia force-distance decreases;

3, excellent chemical corrosion resistance;

4, excellent oil resistance and automotive fuel performance;

5, low moisture absorption, no expansion, strength weakening;

6, high wear resistance, longer service life;

7. Better technology combined with metal and other plastics;

8, can reduce the cost of injection processing.

peek sector gear

Company Advantages

Injection Molding: Can Process Hundreds Of Materials
Sheet Metal Fabrication: Sheet Metal Parts For Their High Precision And Durability
CNC Machining: Not Only Offers Metals And Plastics But Also Flexible Production

Frequently Asked Questions about CNC machining parts


Can you provide design services?        


Yes, of cause. Just provide product requirements and USES, we will design for you, also we can provide customized hardware for you based on your idea/samples/drawing or another way. Leave a message


Can you cut and bend?        


Yes, we have professional engineers


How long can I get the sample?        


Depending on your specific items, within 1-15 days is required generally. Get the exact delivery date


What type of work does your company specialize in?        


We are manufacturer of sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, who good at providing Custom machining service.


What is the lead time?        


About 15~25 days (exact delivery time depends on specific project and quantity)

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