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Titanium alloy has been widely used in the aerospace industry because of its high strength, low density, and high corrosion resistance. However, in the process of processing, tool durability is low, thermal conductivity is small, and the sticky knife is serious, which it difficult to process materials.


Through the analysis of titanium alloy thin wall filter cartridge performance, structural characteristics, and design accuracy requirements, the actual production of numerical control processing technology should pay attention to the selection of scientific and reasonable cutting tools and cutting parameters, especially in positioning, clamping, alignment and other aspects of the summed up some experience and matters needing attention. It can solve the problem of machining difficulty caused by the hard cutting property of titanium alloy material to the thin wall filter cylinder and the problem of easy to produce burr in the process of titanium alloy processing. Reasonable numerical control machining technology is the key to ensuring the machining accuracy of titanium alloy thin wall filter cartridges, and it is also the key to improving the machining efficiency and shortening the machining cycle in mass production.


Performance characteristics and application of titanium alloy parts


① Small density, high strength, strength is greater than high strength steel.


(2) Good thermal stability, and high-temperature strength. At 300℃ ~ 500℃ below, its strength is about ten times higher than aluminum alloy.


③ Good corrosion resistance. Titanium alloy works in a moist atmosphere and seawater medium, and its corrosion resistance is much better than that of stainless steel, and it has strong resistance to pitting corrosion, acid corrosion, and stress corrosion. It has excellent corrosion resistance to alkali, chloride, nitric acid, and sulfuric acid.


(4) the chemical activity is large and can produce violent chemical reactions with O, N, H, CO, CO2, and water vapor in the atmosphere. Above 600℃, titanium absorbs oxygen and forms a hardened layer with high hardness. When H content rises, the embrittlement layer will also be formed.


⑤ Poor thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of titanium is low, about 1/4 of Ni, 1/5 of Fe, 1/14 of Al, and the thermal conductivity of titanium alloy are lower, generally 50% of titanium.


⑥ Small elastic modulus. The elastic modulus of titanium is 107800MPa, which is about 1/2 of that of steel. In summary, due to the characteristics of small specific gravity, high strength, non-magnetism, corrosion resistance, and high temperature, titanium alloy is widely used in the Marine, aerospace, precision instruments, and other fields of core parts.


At Bergek, we have been focusing on rapid prototyping and mass production for many years, until today we have a number of senior engineers with various technologies to provide professional solutions. More than 50 surface treatment options and more than 60 metal/plastic certified materials can meet different rapid prototyping needs. Bergek maintains long-term relationships with world-class companies in various industries such as medical devices, consumer electronics, automotive, robotics, and aerospace. 7*24 hours one to one quick response, the fastest delivery in 3 days.

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