Does stainless steel sheet metal fabrication needs to pay attention to matters?

Stainless steel whether in life or in the field of industrial applications, can often see, stainless steel special-shaped sheet metal processing process the main process has shear, bending, bending forming, welding, riveting, table, surface processing, and other processes. So what does stainless steel sheet metal processing need to pay attention to?


Stainless steel sheet metal fabrication process: sheet metal processing drawings expansion - > laser processing - > plane Cao bending - > welding molding - > surface treatment - > packaging shipment


Stainless steel sheet metal processing in the early to understand customer needs, especially product appearance and molding, and then make drawings, and according to the actual situation to draw the expansion diagram;


Stainless steel sheet metal fabrication blanking method is usually used in combination, such as the shape, length, and width of the sheet metal parts required by shearing machine; The flat structure of the sheet metal parts is gradually stamped with the blanking head; Or with laser cutting, according to CNC programming blanking;


Stainless steel sheet metal processing plane Cao bending is preliminary processing of the direction and shape of the workpiece, fixed by welding molding, the various parts combination, usually divided into full welding, argon arc welding, spot welding, need to choose according to the actual process;


The processing of stainless steel products, sometimes also need surface treatment, such as electroplating, sandblasting, shot blasting, paint, anti-fingerprint processing, and so on.


The surface treatment of stainless steel, not only can improve the beauty of the product, but also can further strengthen the corrosion resistance of stainless steel products, durable wear resistance, and so on;


In addition, stainless steel sheet metal fabrication often used processing technology and: flanging tapping, punching processing, riveting, and so on;


Stainless steel sheet metal fabrication, the processing of the edge and corner shall prevail in principle, edge, the edge should be blunt, burr, flying edge height shall not exceed 0.2mm.

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