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Mechanical keyboard structure includes keycap, mechanical shaft, and shell three parts, mechanical shaft is the core of the mechanical keyboard, is the key of the mechanical keyboard, different shafts have a different key feel, mechanical keyboard shell is usually made of aluminum alloy and plastic material, this shell can be processed by CNC.

Matters needing attention in processing aluminum shell of CNC mechanical keyboard:

1. First of all, we choose appropriate materials for processing, to ensure a good feel and appearance of the mechanical keyboard,

2, processing matters needing attention: considering the product volume and processing time, we choose 20 milling cutters in the adjustment stage, increase the z-axis feed quantity, so that the processing efficiency can be improved by 30%; And in order to ensure the surface quality of the aluminum shell of the mechanical keyboard, minimize the surface knife marks and joint marks, we reduce the number of knife connections, the R Angle of the art line is micro rounded, and the PCD polishing knife is used for one-time processing.

3. After processing the aluminum shell of the mechanical keyboard, this is only a semi-finished product. We need to manually use a sponge to clean the acute Angle, prevent the acute Angle from being wiped flat after oxidation, and avoid the oxidation layer falling off.

4. In addition, clean with water to prevent corrosion of cutting fluid.

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